Mark Loretta Rumors

Odds and Ends: Dotel, Valverde, Wilkerson

Some Saturday odds and ends to mull over…

  • The Yankees considered bringing Octavio Dotel back, but wouldn’t go two years on him.
  • Richard Justice thinks Astros GM Ed Wade is making a mistake by setting a deadline and going to arbitration hearings with Jose Valverde and Mark Loretta.  I doubt the Astros wanted Loretta to accept their offer of arbitration in the first place, but they took the $4-5MM gamble hoping to get a draft pick.  But they actively sought out Valverde, and this might not bode well for him staying past 2009.
  • Can’t promise anything, but my source is saying Brad Wilkerson is likely to become a Mariner on a one-year deal.  Put this in the unconfirmed category for now.
  • Did the Rangers DFA Armando Galarraga in anticipation of including him in a trade?
  • Troy Tulowitzki explanation: he can opt out of his $15MM club option for 2014 if he’s traded. Tracy Ringolsby also reports that Garrett Atkins had unfruitful extension talks with the Rox last year and would still like to stay.
  • "No substantive negotiations" on a multiyear deal for Ryan Zimmerman.
  • Casey Blake‘s agent put in a counteroffer but hasn’t heard back from the Indians yet; the two sides are $1.5MM apart on his ’08 salary.

Odds and Ends: Cano, Colon, Lowry

Here are some links I’ve rounded up this morning.

  • In theory, Robinson Cano would be open to a long-term deal. River Ave. Blues recently took a look at how historically good Cano has been so far, and suggest the Yankees lowballed him with their arbitration submission.
  • Baseball Prospectus’ Derek Jacques saw Bartolo Colon pitch in the Dominican League Finals, and lends his evaluation.  Colon was not impressive, but not terrible.  It doesn’t seem like he will get the two-year deal he wants.
  • The Brewers will bring Abraham Nunez to camp.  Versatile, but a drain on offense.
  • Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune notes that the White Sox aren’t done yet.  The Joe Crede situation should linger into spring.  Gonzales also mentions that the Giants are "listening to offers for Noah Lowry."
  • A factual look at whether Omar Minaya really stockpiles Latin American players.
  • The Astros can’t settle their gaps with Mark Loretta or Jose Valverde, and Ed Wade expects the team to go to its first arbitration hearings in over a decade.  Wade has set a deadline of this afternoon and will go to hearings otherwise.  Loretta asking for $4.9MM seems particularly off.
  • Matthew Cerrone takes an educated guess on the current Johan Santana situation.
  • Some interesting quotes from XM Radio from Michael Cuddyer and Scott Boras, separately.

Arbitration Decisions

Free agents’ decisions on whether to accept their teams’ offers of arbitration are rolling in.

  • Eric Gagne told the Red Sox that he won’t their offer of arbitration.  The Boras camp had sent signals otherwise, but it was an idle threat.  He wants that multiyear deal or at least a chance to close.  The Red Sox get a delicious sandwich pick for their dalliance with Gagne.  Could’ve been more, if Gagne was lights out for them and snagged Type A status.
  • Mark Loretta accepted; Trever Miller declined.  Loretta should make $3MM+ to take on a utility role.  The Astros could always still trade him to a team looking for second base help.  As for Miller, he could still return.  The Astros will get a sandwich pick if he leaves.
  • Ron Mahay declined the Braves’ offer.  No surprise since he’s looking for three years.  You have to consider their sandwich pick as an added benefit of the Teixeira trade.
  • Aaron Rowand is expected to decline, which is a formality since he’s going to get at least three years.  As a Type A, the Phils probably hope he ends up with the Yankees somehow.

Odds and Ends: Sabathia, Loretta, Patterson

You know the drill, here’s a roundup of some rumor nuggets.  I’ll update the  post continuously throughout the day.

Rockies Rumors: Iguchi, Cook, Kip, Holliday

UPDATE, 12-6-07 at 12:57pm: According to Thomas Harding of, David Eckstein is now a Rockies’ target for second base.  They talked to Mark Loretta today, also.  Harding adds that the holdup on the Cook deal is the amount of a fourth-year option.

FROM 12-6-07 at 12:21pm:

The Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck has a lunchtime Rockies update.

  • Renck doesn’t see Tadahito Iguchi getting Kaz Matsui money, noting that only the Rockies are pursuing Iguchi at his preferred position of second base.  That could change if the Orioles trade Brian Roberts.
  • Though Aaron Cook‘s 3/30 extension isn’t final, GM Dan O’Dowd believes it will get done.
  • Free agents on the radar: LaTroy Hawkins, Shawn Chacon, Octavio Dotel, Victor Zambrano, and Kip Wells.  There was recent chatter about Wells trying to become a setup man.
  • According to Scott Boras, he’s never received a contract offer from the Rox for Matt HollidayThe original rumor was that the Rockies were planning to offer a four-year, $60MM extension.

Rockies Interested In Iguchi

According to Troy Renck and Patrick Saunders, the Rockies met with Tadahito Iguchi‘s agent yesterday to discuss their second base opening.  Iguchi prefers the idea of second base, and is looking for a two-year deal.  Other teams interested in Iguchi are the Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, and Brewers.

Other second basemen on Colorado’s radar include Chris Burke and Mark Loretta.

Astros Rumors: Tejada, Loretta’s Alyson Footer chased down a few Astros rumors today.

  • The Astros’ chances at Miguel Tejada were graded a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 yesterday.  Now they’re at a 0.  So, that’s that.
  • Mark Loretta has until Friday to decide whether to accept the team’s offer of arbitration.  He may not want to accept since he wants a full-time job.  His agent contacted Ed Wade about that today.  Dan O’Dowd suggested that the Astros "got him back."

Barmes For Burke Offered

According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, the Rockies have offered shortstop Clint Barmes to the Astros for second baseman Chris Burke.  Seems a reasonable swap of blocked middle infielders.

The Rockies will also meet with Mark Loretta‘s agent tonight.  Loretta is coveted by the Mariners as well.

Talks with the Astros about Brian Fuentes fizzled, so the Rockies will probably just keep him as a luxury.

ESPN’s Latest: Lamb, Bedard, Tejada, Loretta

ESPN’s Amy Nelson and Buster Olney recently checked in with a few new rumors.

  • The Red Sox checked in on Mike Lamb – they’re looking for a corner infield backup.  Lamb had good numbers in ’07 so he may prefer to look for a starting job.  Meanwhile, Evan Grant says the Rangers are in the lead for Lamb.  They’d give him that starting gig.
  • The Orioles apparently have four teams already offering impressive packages for Erik Bedard.
  • The Dodgers and O’s talked Miguel Tejada last night but they couldn’t find a match.
  • The Mariners like Mark Loretta as a backup and challenger to Jose Lopez; they may offer around $2MM.

Padres Rumors: Loretta, Iguchi, Peavy, Barrett

Tom Krasovic fills us in on the latest with the Padres.

  • Kevin Towers is considering Mark Loretta and Tadahito Iguchi as second base options.  Loretta has expressed interest.  I wonder how this will make the Padres feel; his strong flirtations may turn them off.
  • Jake Peavy will get full no-trade protection for 2008-10, limited for 2011-12.
  • As reported yesterday Towers is in talks for Mark Prior and Josh Towers.  Towers said that himself?  Tampering!
  • The Padres still expect Michael Barrett to accept arby.  Krasovic mentions the Cubs actually considered having Barrett switch positions last year.  Yes!  Barrett should market himself as a third baseman and play the field.
  • The Padres recently talked about a multiyear (probably two year) deal with Mike Cameron.