Do The Red Sox Need Izturis?

It is apparent that Dodgers shortstop Cesar Izturis is available, as the Dodgers don’t have an opening for him at shortstop.  I would think that the overall health/performance shakiness of the entire infield would be enough for L.A. to keep Izturis around as a backup all season.

But the rumors persist, the main one being that the Red Sox are interested.  I have to wonder why.  The team already has a slick-fielding, walk-allergic shortstop, and his name is Alex Gonzalez.  I admit, Gonzalez had a terrible April with the bat.  But he’s had similar months in his career, so why not see if he can shake it off and hit his usual .240 with decent pop?  That’s all that was expected in the first place.

Now, if the Red Sox were jonesing to acquire, say, Julio Lugo, I’d understand.  A healthy Lugo would be worth a good three wins in the standings compared to Gonzo.  But Cesar Izturis is a .261/.295/.338 career hitter, and he’s signed through 2007.  Even if Gonzalez tanks and Izturis is himself, the team’s gain is minimal.  The Dodgers are going to want something decent in return for Izturis, so why bother?  They already gave up something decent to reacquire Tim Wakefield‘s personal catcher.   

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