Thursday Morning Reading

A few months ago, I joined SportsBlah’s fantasy baseball league.  It’s generally been good times, though it could use more trash talk.  I figured I was pretty much playing against people I didn’t know, aside from exchanging the occasional email with CubDumb or the Blah or GameFour.  Then yesterday I came to realize that one of the league members I hadn’t talked to before, Baseball Mike, works at the same company as me in Chicago.  Not only that, but on the same floor as me.  Not only that, but on the same side of said floor, like thirty feet away.  I find this to be a bizarre coincidence.  Anyway, check out Mike’s site.

Another one to check out is BookWorm Baseball.  Run by a 23 year-old stathead?  Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar.  Actually I turned 24 recently.

I know Braves fans are desperate for an encouraging trade rumor, so here’s one that landed in my inbox.  You be the judge.

Does anyone know what the deal is with Kyle Drabek?  Seems like everyone knows about his big, bad "makeup issues" besides me.  Does this kid have the Mark of the Beast or something?  I tried asking Jeeves what Drabek did but all I got was a bunch of scouting reports. 

The Baseball Card Blog is counting down the best sets ever in their usual amusing style.  I’d like to throw my vote in for Pinnacle’s Cards in a Can.  A truly odd innovation.  What’s this?  Andy?  Hideo?  MO???  They’re all here!  For only 99 cents! 

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