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Mets Trade For Shawn Green

The Mets' much-anticipated acquisition of 33 year-old right fielder Shawn Green was completed today

As I mentioned a week ago, Green represents only a mild improvement over Endy Chavez.  Still, Green has heated up over the last week (.316/.409/.526) and probably didn't cost much besides money.  It's not a difference maker, but I can see why the Mets would prefer Green and his track record. The only reason I don't like the deal for New York is that they're stuck with Green and his age 34 season in 2007.  I just hope that Willie Randolph can push Green aside if Lastings Milledge is the superior player next season.


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I also have heard the mets intrested in Bernie Williams when he turns into a free agent during 2006-2007

it will be a 4 year contract and bernie will be used as a pinch hitter and a subsitute outfielder

Score one for Arizona - they're only paying $6.3M. As I wrote about the last Green post, "I bet the Mets are dumb enough to take $6-7M".

The Diamondbacks clear so much salary next year, and the only player signed who's arguably above market value is Livan Hernandez.

If they spend their money wisely this offseason, they're going to be very scary for years to come.

The Mets are taking on 3 million for the last part of this season and next. That's not a bad deal. He can also be traded in the offseason if the Mets chose. This was a fine move.

Well, no - he is owed about $1.75M this year and the Mets are recieving $500K, so they're taking on $1.25M of his salary this year (I guess not a huge deal, but you're basically paying that $1.25M to hope he has a big hit or two in a short series, which is akin to betting on horses).

Then between his 2007 salary and 2008 option buyout he's owed $11.5M, of which the Mets will receive $5.8M, so they're paying $5.7M, and Green is clearly worth no more than half that.

Yes, he can be traded in the offseason, if either A) the Mets include a decent amount of cash, or B) Minaya finds someone stupider than he is.

I guess you can say they're paying $3M this year and next (actually $3.5M each year), but that just makes the "big hit in a short series" gamble all the more risky and silly.

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