Reaction To The Vidro Trade

As expected, Mariners fans are up in arms about this deal.  Check out Lookout Landing or U.S.S. Mariner if you don’t believe me.  Nationals blogs, on the other hand, are ecstatic.

There is just no way to rationalize that trade.  None.  I’m guessing that it was like one of those Emperor’s New Clothes things in the Mariners’ front office when this thing came to fruition.  No one would admit to Bavasi that his trade was downright awful.  I tried to defend the Horacio Ramirez acquisition a little bit, but the Vidro trade just can’t be rationalized.

Who would’ve thought the Ms would swap Fruto, Snelling, and Soriano for Ramirez and Vidro?  Ramirez may have been nontendered and Bowden would’ve gladly sent Vidro away for much, much less.  I actually thought it was the Nats paying 75% of Vidro’s contract to in effect purchase the two prospects.  That it’s the other way around and a vesting option was added is laughable.

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