Calling Excel Masters

Are you a master of Microsoft Excel, looking to earn a few hundred bucks by helping me with a fantasy baseball project?  Read the details below and if you’re the guy or gal please drop me a line at

I need someone who is an Excel master.  I’m talking advanced skills in both functionality and aesthetics.  Myself, I know my way around a spreadsheet and do vlookups in my sleep (I can’t believe I just said that).  I need someone who can do much more – apply the most advanced Excel functions artfully to reduce processing time and create a gorgeous looking, user-friendly spreadsheet.  I’ll tell you all the things this spreadsheet needs to do and you’ll make it work. Additionally, it’s been mentioned to me that I might be better served using Access somehow.  I’m all ears and skills in that are probably helpful to my goals.

Often people with these types of skills work in accounting or as an actuary.  It’s not a requirement for this project, but it’s a good sign to me that you are an Excel master.  Either way please explain your qualifications in your email.

As I said, it’s a fantasy baseball project, so it’s more fun than your usual TPS reports.  I would need the brunt of the work hammered out within one week, with minor tweaks done throughout the season.  I’m guessing it would be roughly 10-15 hours worth of work.  I haven’t decided the exact amount that will be paid for the project, but I’m flexible and fair and we will agree on money before any work is done.

If you’re interested in this project, please send an email to explaining your qualifications.  Thanks.

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