Nats Not Interested In Trachsel

Apparently Steve Trachsel has priced himself out of the Nationals’ range ($3 million is too much I guess).  Washington is not one of the three teams in the running for him, according to Bill Ladson.

A few days ago, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Astros were talking to Trax but that Tim Purpura did not consider it hot and heavy.  The Twins are out now too.  So who are these two other teams?

Trachsel was born in Oxnard, CA, so maybe he’d like to play on the west coast.  The Dodgers and Angels would be closest to his hometown, but those teams have fully booked rotations.  The Padres, Giants, and A’s are further away.  I wouldn’t put it past the Giants to sign Trachsel to use instead of Jonathan Sanchez.  Or maybe Trachsel could help as the veteran presence in Tampa Bay’s rotation?  Perhaps some Kyle Davies insurance for the Braves? 

Honestly, I have no idea who the other teams would be.

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