Pineiro On The Block?

The Boston Herald reports that scouts from several teams have been monitoring 28 year-old former starter Joel Pineiro.  He and his $4MM+ salary may be deemed expendable by the Red Sox with Papelbon closing.

The Globe’s Jeff Horrigan mentions the Reds as a good fit, as their bullpen remains questionable.  I believe that newly signed free agents have trade veto power for at least the first few months, but I can’t find the exact rule in writing yet.  If Pineiro can get himself over to the NL on a team with an open closing situation (Giants, Marlins?) he should jump at the chance.

UPDATE: A guy who would know dropped me a line – a player cannot be traded within six months of signing.  He doesn’t believe it’s a veto thing; it just isn’t allowed.  The Red Sox signed Pineiro around January 4th, so I’m not sure how this would work.

UPDATE 2: Another fellow told me that if a newly signed free agent is to be traded before June 15th, he must give his permission.  That is the only restriction.

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