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Pineiro On The Block?

The Boston Herald reports that scouts from several teams have been monitoring 28 year-old former starter Joel Pineiro.  He and his $4MM+ salary may be deemed expendable by the Red Sox with Papelbon closing.

The Globe's Jeff Horrigan mentions the Reds as a good fit, as their bullpen remains questionable.  I believe that newly signed free agents have trade veto power for at least the first few months, but I can't find the exact rule in writing yet.  If Pineiro can get himself over to the NL on a team with an open closing situation (Giants, Marlins?) he should jump at the chance.

UPDATE: A guy who would know dropped me a line - a player cannot be traded within six months of signing.  He doesn't believe it's a veto thing; it just isn't allowed.  The Red Sox signed Pineiro around January 4th, so I'm not sure how this would work.

UPDATE 2: Another fellow told me that if a newly signed free agent is to be traded before June 15th, he must give his permission.  That is the only restriction.


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Does he have any trade value? Personally, if i was a fan of the team that traded for him i would be extremely pissed. If they thought he had potential, why didn't they sign him in the off-season? It not like he looked great this Spring.

I think he has some value. He has only given up runs in one outing this spring.

trade him to the Yanks.......

Regardless of whether or not he's going to close, the Sox definitely shouldn't be trading away any kind of pitching depth. That's part of the reason why they sucked in August and Sept. last year.

I'm not sure if he's even going to earn all $4 million of that salary, since part of his earning was based finishing games. Maybe $4 million was the base salary.

Uhh, actually he did look great this spring. Factor out that 4-run first appearance and he's gone something like 8 or 9 games without giving up a run, with great peripherals. Boston should certainly hang onto anything that remotely resembles a possible bullpen arm, and Pineiro could well be above-average in that role.

What about the Phillies?

Your friend is incorrect. A free agent signee can be traded after a certain date, I just can't remember the exact date.I'll keep digging to find an answer.
There is also the issue of permission from the player but if Pineiro isn't going to fit in here or if he would like to close or start somewhere else, then I'm sure he would except a trade.
Personally I don't care what they do with him but if he is traded, then I hope we get something half decent in return.

Ok, after spending a couple of hours digging around... a free agent signee cannot be traded for the first 2, that's two months not 6. So any time AFTER May, he can be traded.

Ok, after spending a couple of hours digging around... a free agent signee cannot be traded for the first 2, that's two months not 6. So any time AFTER May, he can be traded.

June 15th is the magic date.....

Any free agent can't be traded until he clears his recquired service life for his contract since there are no sign and trades in the MLB via the collective bargaining argreement between the players union and the owners... Otherwise, guys like Gary Matthews Jr would be Cubs right now.... LMFAO.....

Not just a friend, a guy who worked in a front office. I really think the six month rule is it.

Hmm, I am also hearing the June 15th date but that the player can allow for a trade earlier.

I really don't think Joel Pineiro is the answer for the Reds. Hermanson has pitched great in spring and we have Coffey and Bray and in Late June Guardado. I really don't see this happening. I will be quite surprised if the Reds go after him.

It's June.
If you look at other free agent signees that have been traded, you will see that 1. they haven't fulfilled their contracts and 2. they clearly didn't spend the whole year or even 6 months with the team that signed them.
I see if I can find some players of recent years that fall under this category.

I think it is both. Before June 15th the player has to allow the trade, but for players that sign during or after spring training there is a 6 month no trade clause.

I think the formula reads something like: Players that sign by xx/xx/xxxx shall have a revokable no-trade clause until xx/xx/xxxx (june 15th), and players that sign on or after xx/xx/xxxx will have a revokable no-trade clause for 6 months from the date of origination.

And BTW, willysox, this is specific to the new CBA that was just signed at the end of last year. Previous years trades would not be apples-apples.

I found one. Eduardo Perez was signed last year on 1/12/06 by the Cleveland Indians. He was traded to Seattle for a minor leaguer on 6/30/06.
I'm sure if I had the time I could find more.

I have seen nothing in the new CBA that has changed the rules on this but I can double check.

I double checked and found no difference between the old and new CBA's that changes how or when a free agent signee can be traded.
The new CBA concentrated on Revenue sharing, free agent signing periods, league salary min., Rule 5...

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