Goldman On A-Rod

Steven Goldman has a well-reasoned column in the New York Sun today discussing why it’s important for the Yankees to trade Alex Rodriguez.  Here’s a hint: they need to restock on position players.  It’s not about the tabloid stuff or the infamous "hah!"  Personally I like the tactic but wouldn’t use "hah."  When I played sandlot ball we used to shout "Confusion!  Confusion!" over and over when a couple of guys would get under a pop-up.  It worked once in a while. 

Basically A-Rod is still a marketable superstar, and the Yankees are going to have plenty of holes in the near future.  It’d be best not to patch them up with more $15MM guys.  James Loney plus Matt Kemp from the Dodgers would be perfect, if Ned Colletti would do it.  Rodriguez would have to waive his no-trade and provide a window for an extension, I imagine.

Such a strategy, however, runs counter to the Roger Clemens signing.  Once Clemens hits the Majors the team will be in full win-now mode, so it’s important to decide whether to trade Rodriguez very soon.

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