Will Rowand Return To White Sox?

Center fielder Aaron Rowand has achieved some sort of cult status in Chicago, with many Sox fans convinced that he has the mojo or special something that the team has been lacking.  With the White Sox in Philadelphia this week, five articles were produced this morning surrounding a few comments Rowand made about returning to Chicago.

He admitted that he has a "soft spot" for the Sox, all things being equal.  I assume that means the White Sox matching the best contract offer Rowand receives on the free agent market this winter.  While Rowand was almost traded back to the White Sox a couple of times this year, Scot Gregor thinks free agency is the more likely path.  Meanwhile Sam Donnellon tosses out a Rowand for Mark Buehrle proposal.

Rowand considers himself a possible "leftover" in a sea of free agent center fielders.  He’s just being modest.  Aside from Corey Patterson, who’s having an awful year, and Milton Bradley, who’s been on the DL three times this season, Rowand is the youngest available CF.  He’s more affordable than the Big Three (or Four if you include Mike Cameron) and younger too.  He’s a better defender than Eric Byrnes.  And he’s in the midst of a career year.  If Rowand can stay healthy he may be looking at a Gary Matthews Jr. deal.

I am a little bummed that Rowand is not drawing walks like he was in the first two months of the season.  He seems to have reverted to his old ways in June.

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