Andruw Likely Gone

Update:  Keith Law just predicted Torii Hunter will make 16MM/year in Texas.  That gels with what Andruw’s seeking.

Tim discussed The Andruw Jones Situation recently and whether he’d accept a 1-year deal or a 5-year hometown discount.  Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discusses the inevitable departure of Andruw Jones here and here.

Despite Andruw coming off career-worst season of hitting .222 with 26 homeruns and 94 RBIs, Scott Boras has said there’s "no way" he’ll accept a 1-year deal.  Instead, he’s seeking a contract at the "fair-market value" of $17-20 million per year.  That’s Vernon Wells-esque.  And why not?  Wells has yet to approach Andruw’s career production.  And it’s always easy to forget after 12 years in the bigs that Andruw Jones is only 30.

Jones has three games left on his contract that paid him $75MM over the last 6 years, a real hometown discount.  Boras has made it known they have no interest in taking another one.

With the Braves’ desire to re-sign their new-darling Mark Teixeira after next season, who in the interim will command around $12MM in arbitration, along with salary increases for John Smoltz, Tim Hudson and other arbitration eligible players, Boras’ demands seem to indicate the unthinkable:  An Atlanta without Andruw.

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