Rosenthal’s Latest Video: Coco Crisp, Freddy Garcia

Ken Rosenthal has a new Full Count video up; check it out.  Interesting trade rumor nuggets:

  • Some have speculated that the apparent emergence of Jacoby Ellsbury might compel the Red Sox to trade Coco Crisp this winter.  Crisp is signed affordably at $4.75MM in ’08, $5.75MM in ’09, and an $8MM club option in ’10.  While his .723 OPS is slightly below-average for center fielders, Rosenthal says the Red Sox consider Crisp’s defense to be Gold Glove caliber.  The Red Sox seem more likely to retain Crisp and have Ellsbury serve as an oft-used fourth outfielder for now.  They’d ask for a lot for Crisp if they did trade him.
  • Very interesting idea floating around regarding Freddy Garcia.  Rosenthal says that instead of signing this winter, Garcia could rehab on his own and join a contender midseason as a free agent, Roger Clemens style.  Garcia had surgery in late August to repair a frayed rotator cuff and torn labrum, according to Will Carroll.  No word yet on his timetable.

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