Hunter Interested In Nationals, Braves’s Bill Ladson had an exclusive conversation with Torii Hunter tonight.  Nicely done Bill!

Ladson learned that Hunter is interested in playing for the Nationals or Braves because of the large African American populations in D.C. and Atlanta.  Hunter would like to be a leader in the community.  This is an interesting factor to consider when trying to guess Hunter’s next destination.  Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Cleveland have large African American populations as well.  However, the Tigers and Indians don’t need a center fielder.

Another reason Hunter likes the Nats is the presence of his buddy Dmitri Young.  Dmitri is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Also consider that Hunter said he’s thought about playing for his hometown Rangers "a lot a bit."  And the Twins might still make a reasonable four-year offer.  But remember that Hunter has expressed a "burning curiosity" to explore the open market.  He’s certainly keeping his options open – it’s definitely too early to call this one.  A wrinkle for the Braves besides the money would be losing the 18th overall pick next June to the Twins.

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