November 2007

MLB Trade Rumors: Johan Santana Rumors

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 10pm: It’s been decided: the Yanks will put Hughes in their offer.  John Harper and Bill Madden feel that it was Brian Cashman who needed convincing.  Cabrera remains in the package, which will be rounded out by an additional pitching prospect.  This collection of youngsters apparently puts the Yankees in the lead for Santana. 

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 6pm: The Yankees’ front office has been debating whether to surrender Phil Hughes in a trade for Santana.  Buster Olney reports that they’re leaning toward doing it.  Melky Cabrera and one other prospect would be sent over as well.  The Yankees, as well as the Red Sox, are hedging their bets by talking to Billy Beane about Dan Haren at the same time.

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 11:25am: David Andriesen says the Mariners are not serious players on Santana.  However, Geoff Baker says the Ms have inquired but not made an offer for him.  However Baker talked to a friend of Santana’s who indicated the ace wouldn’t be jazzed signing a contract extension with a West Coast team.  U.S.S. Mariner recommends against a Santana acquisition.

FROM 11-30-07 at 8:45am:

I think it’s time for a new Johan Santana thread.  We’ll start today with a Peter Gammons report today on Mike & Mike In The Morning.  This comes from a trusted MLBTR reader.

Gammons favors the Yankees in the Santana derby, because he feels that Hank Steinbrenner could overrule Brian Cashman and include Phil Hughes in the deal.  Some feel that the Red Sox are just trying to pump up the price and would then turn to the A’s to get Dan Haren.  Getting Haren instead of Santana may have the added benefit of not pissing off Josh Beckett about his salary.

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Tigers Sign Kenny Rogers

UPDATE, 11-30-07 at 10pm:  The deal is believed to be for $8MM, which seems a fair price.

FROM 11-30-07 at 11am:

The Tigers put out a press release this morning; they’ve reached an agreement with Kenny Rogers on a one-year deal.  I imagine it’s around $9-10MM.  Rogers amicably parted with Scott Boras prior to negotiating the deal himself.

This takes the Tigers out of the running for various available starters such as Carlos Silva and Hiroki Kuroda.

Did We Miss Anything?

Any rumors missed from today or ones that pop up, feel free to post ’em here.  I’m taking a few-hour rumor hiatus.

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Braves’ Arbitration Plans

David O’Brien of the AJC writes about the Braves’ arbitration plans.

  • No arby for Andruw Jones, meaning no draft pick compensation.  Frank Wren must really have thought there was a chance Andruw accepts and they get "stuck" with him for one more year.  Would that really have been so bad?  Not sure I get this move.  Anyway Scott Miller lists the teams in need of a center fielder thusly: Rangers, Phillies, Padres, White Sox, Giants, Dodgers, Royals, and Orioles.  We could see the Rangers, Dodgers, or Royals signing Jones.
  • Ron Mahay will get offered arby, which he will certainly decline. So there’s some draft pick goodness there.
  • Curious who’s a Type A, who’s a Type B, and who’s nothin’?  Check out the free agent list.

Angels, Marlins At Cabrera Impasse

The Angels are a bit frustrated in the Miguel Cabrera dealings.  According to Jayson Stark, they’ve told the Marlins to come swing by their suite whenever they’re ready to give a little on their demands.

In the deal for sure: Howie Kendrick and Jeff Mathis.  One of Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders, and Nick Adenhart would be included as well.  However, the Fish want two of those starters.  The Halos won’t do it, but might be able to give one starter plus Reggie Willits.  Either way it’s going to be a major haul.

It wouldn’t be impossible to get Cabrera for three players, but they’d have to be damn good ones.  It’s always fascinating to watch the Marlins replenish their system.

Indians Look At Alexei Ramirez

Remember Alexei Ramirez, the 26 year-old Cuban defector/shortstop/center fielder?  He’s a wild card in a terrible shortstop market.  He’ll soon establish residency in the Dominican Republic, and then he’ll be a free agent. It’s pretty tough to say how Ramirez would fare in the big leagues.

The Indians, always hunting for a good bargain, recently took a look at Ramirez in the DR.  The Tribe is hunting for a run-producing left fielder; maybe they like Ramirez in that role.  Maybe they just want to build up extra middle infield depth to trade later.

Giants Rumors: Feliz, Marte, Molina

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News reports on Brian Sabean’s press conference yesterday.  McCovey Chronicles and El Lefty Malo did a nice job dissecting it.

  • Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum aren’t going anywhere, and Sabean says there’s "too much chatter around the industry" about the pair.  He could’ve traded one of them for Delmon Young, perhaps.  Sabean will continue to be open-minded but it would probably take a ridiculous offer.
  • Sabean chimes in on Miguel Cabrera.  He thinks the Marlins are asking for way too much, basically.
  • Big name free agents like Andruw Jones or Aaron Rowand are not likely.  Boras still expects $100MM+ for Andruw, according to Buster Olney’s sourcesRandy Winn could move back to center, or the Giants will sign a more affordable free agent center fielder.  Jerry Crasnick runs ’em down here – maybe it’ll be Kosuke Fukudome, Corey Patterson, or Kenny Lofton, someone like that.
  • Sabean mentions that Pedro Feliz wants a three-year contract that’ll never happen.  Unless Feliz gets more reasonable Sabean will explore the trade market.  Andy Marte is said to be on their radar.
  • Henry Schulman tosses out some possible trade targets for third base and outfield: Melky Cabrera, Carlos Quentin, and Garrett Atkins.
  • Not much interest in guys like Dave Roberts, Ray Durham, or Rich Aurilia.  Maybe Sabean shouldn’t have signed them in the first place!  Here’s a weird one – Baggarly says the Giants almost acquired Carlos Gomez for Bengie Molina last year.  At least that’s what I think he says.  Say whaaaat?

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Mariners Rumors: Kuroda, Affeldt, Guillen

Let’s talk Mariners rumors, aside from their questionable interest in Johan SantanaDavid Andriesen breaks it down.

  • The Ms will acquire at least one solid starter, and hopefully two.  They’ve got a four-year offer out to Hiroki Kuroda, which is pretty aggressive.  It’s possible that if they land him they could look internally for the #5 starter.
  • One interesting rotation option is Jeremy Affeldt, who grew up in Washington about four hours away from Seattle.  Affeldt said he’d consider starting again, which is probably the only way the Ms would have interest in him.  His agent is already talking to the Ms.
  • Bill Bavasi doesn’t sound thrilled with Jose Lopez at second base.  Kaz Matsui and Mark Loretta will end up elsewhere, basically leaving Marcus Giles, Tadahito Iguchi, and David Eckstein as the options.  Or, they could trade Richie Sexson for Ray Durham.
  • There’s a slight chance Jose Guillen would accept arbitration if offered.  I doubt it though; he’ll get two or more years somewhere.  My guess is that it’s offered and declined.

Cardinals Sign Cesar Izturis

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cards have signed shortstop Cesar Izturis to a one-year deal.  The amount is $2.85MM with another $650K in incentives.  You know the story with Izturis – anemic bat, stellar glove.  He’ll offer a bit more than Brendan Ryan would’ve and doesn’t cost much.  If John Mozeliak finds something better it will be easy to pull the plug.

This also signals the end of David Eckstein as a Cardinal, as expected.

Strauss adds that the team has "strong interest" in acquiring the Brewers’ Chris Capuano.  That’s a reasonable target and a nice buy-low idea.  The Brewers would like to unload him given their starter surplus and his rising salary.  In a radio interview on 590AM, Post-Dispatch columnist Rick Hummel indicated it could be an even swap for Anthony Reyes.

Mets Trade Milledge To Nats For Schneider And Church

According to SNY via Metsblog as well as WFAN, the Mets have traded Lastings Milledge to the Nationals for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church.

Initial thought: sweet deal by Jim Bowden.  Milledge, who turns 23 in April, has star potential or at least will become an above average right fielder (though he should be tried in center unless he’s terrible there).  The 31 year-old Schneider is strong defensively, but he doesn’t hit.  The 29 year-old Church has a career OPS over .800, and may be a bit underrated.  But he is 29 and not likely to get much better.  He’s quite a ways away from free agency, at least.

I’m just surprised Milledge couldn’t net more.