Johan Santana Rumors

UPDATE, 11-28-07 at 7:30pm: Jon Heyman chimes in on the Santana talks.  If the Red Sox continue to keep Ellsbury out of the deal, the Yankees may have the best offer with Hughes, Cabrera, and another pitcher.  The inclusion of Ellsbury would swing it toward the Sox.  It appears the two rivals are battling going head to head on this one.

FROM 11-28-07 at 11:15am:

Let’s review the Johan Santana situation, because there’s been plenty flying around the last couple of days.

  • Yankees: Jon Heyman said yesterday the Twins would want Melky Cabrera plus one of Hughes/Chamberlain/Kennedy.  LaVelle E. Neal III confirmed the Yankees as one of three teams that have actually had trade talks with the Twins about Santana.  It’s been suggested that Santana would be open to signing a long-term deal in New York.  Aaron Gleeman analyzes Yankees/Santana scenarios here.  Also, Lisa Kennelly and Ed Price are saying Chamberlain and Robinson Cano are untouchable in these talks.  So think Melky and Hughes.  By the way, the Yankees let Aaron Rowand‘s agent know that they’ll be interested if they trade the Melkman.
  • Red Sox: The Sox are another of those teams confirmed to have had trade talks about Santana with the Twins.  Heyman said it would take Buchholz or Lester plus Ellsbury.  The Sox want to substitiute Crisp for EllsburyUPDATE: Neal says Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, and perhaps Kevin Youkilis have been discussed as well.
  • Angels: The third team confirmed to have had trade talks for Santana.  He’s not atop the Halos’ list though.  I suggested earlier that a package of Brandon Wood, Reggie Willits, and Nick Adenhart would work for the Twins, but seems too steep for one year of Santana.
  • Mets: The Mets have had talks with the Twins as well, according to Buster Olney.  It’s known that the Mets don’t want to include Jose Reyes or David Wright in a deal.  Makes sense.  Carlos Gomez, Fernando Martinez, Lastings Milledge, Mike Pelfrey, and Kevin Mulvey are the other names being tossed around.  But John Harper’s source isn’t so sure Reyes it out of the question, as that might be the only way the Mets can get Santana.
  • Mariners: Larry LaRue says the Twins would want Adam Jones, Brandon Morrow, and Jeff Clement.
  • Dodgers:  Though they’ve been linked to Santana, he doesn’t seem to be on the frontburner.
  • Cubs: Long shot and first I’ve heard of it, but George King and Joel Sherman suggest the possibility.  Felix Pie would have to be involved.  Hard to see the Cubs signing Santana to a record-setting extension given their ownership situation.

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