Giants Interested In Rowand, Fukudome

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News has a few new tidbits concerning the Giants.

  • They’re considering a late push for Kosuke Fukudome.  Baggarly notes that Fukudome is expected to get at least 4/44.  I think Fukudome makes a bit of sense for the Giants; he could be a draw.
  • Baggarly says the Giants are in more heavily on Aaron Rowand.  This makes less sense to me, as Rowand probably isn’t going to put butts in the seats.  He is, however, going to require four or five years at $12-14MM per.  Indeed, Buster Olney heard the Giants could be the one team willing to give Rowand five years.  It would be a contract the Giants might regret.  They’re not expected to be in contention until at least 2010.
  • Nothing new on the Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios front.  The general vibe, though, is that Brian Sabean will pass.

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