Giants Rumors: Lincecum, Tejada, Molina, Fukudome

Another article for you, this time about the Giants from Chris Haft.

  • Brian Sabean is getting a bit annoyed with teams thinking Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain are available.  They’re pretty much not, but since the door is open a crack it may be inhibiting other deals.  Sabean did admit that one team made an "interesting" offer for Lincecum.  Any guesses?
  • The Giants had talks with the Orioles about Miguel Tejada, as has been reported elsewhere.  The Giants aren’t thrilled with Miggy though because of his age, salary, and the position switch thing.
  • A team asked about Bengie Molina.  Any guesses on that?  The Marlins don’t seem right.  Rays maybe?
  • Nothing much going on regarding free agents Andruw Jones and Kosuke Fukudome.

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