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Do you think it is really in the Reds’ best interest to even talk about moving a prospect such as Homer Bailey or Joey Votto for Erik Bedard? – Ryan

If it’s a deal centered around Bailey and Votto, then yes.  The NL Central is winnable and neither player is a sure thing.  Bedard could be a Cy Young contender in that division.

In terms of "interesting rumblings" that come up at the end of the winter meetings, with new potential deals in the mix, what is circling around about the Angels? I haven’t heard a thing about any deals and logic has to suggest that they are at least TRYING to get a big bat somewhere. – Scott

I agree, the Angels’ hot stove has been very quiet lately.  I would not be surprised to see them get Scott Rolen though.  Troy Glaus is another one I could see.

Where do you see Fukudome signing and when do you think it will happen? – Terrence

I see Fukudome landing with the Cubs at three years, $42MM.  I think it happens this week.

Have the White Sox given up on Brian Anderson? Despite the fact he is not hitting, he is such a gazelle in CF. Have they considered trading him? What is the current situation? – Karena

Yes, I think they’ve given up on him.  Anderson and the White Sox just don’t see eye to eye.  I would be surprised if he’s not traded before Opening Day.

This is such a pathetic question:  What does each number mean when you write something like "He hit .267/.305/.441 for the…"?  Sigh, I feel embarrassed even asking. – Amish

That is not a dumb question at all – it’s my fault for not being more clear.  When I do the "triple slash" stats like that it refers to AVG/OBP/SLG.

Who do you see Alexei Ramirez signing with…Not much has been said about him so far this off season. Do you think the Cardinals might be players with him or not? – Alireza

I don’t see the Cards going after him; their priority is starting pitching.  I could see the White Sox getting Ramirez.  He could compete for the second base job if the Sox trade Juan Uribe.  He might be able to help out in center field, and the presence of fellow Cuban defector Jose Contreras might help his transition to the United States.

What happened to the Needs/Luxuries postings for each team?  I really enjoyed reading them.  And as a Phils fan I was looking forward to other opinions on what the team needs/doesn’t need. – Mike

It’s been a while since I made a new entry in this series, due to the demands of the Winter Meetings and other things.  Look for them to resume around January.

Any teams rumored to be interested in Juan Pierre? – Eric

Chris DeLuca thinks he might be a fit for the White Sox.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sox are at least mulling him over.  It’s the four more years that’s the problem.  Many teams might get involved if it was one or two years.  The Rangers have also been connected to Pierre, but I think he stays put.

I’d like to hear your thoughts in further depth about the Milledge trade by the Mets. – Mike

My feeling is that if Schneider and Church was the best Omar Minaya could get, he was better off keeping Milledge to play right field.  Milledge isn’t even 23; he hasn’t really gotten a chance.  And being cocky seems to be the worst offense he’s committed recently.  I would’ve just made Castro the full-time catcher and tried Milledge in right. 

The Orioles have said they want to rebuild around young pitching, so why is there zero talk about trading Nick Markakis for Lincecum or Cain? – David

I could almost see this working, but building around young pitching doesn’t mean you have to trade your star outfielder.  Markakis was quietly excellent as a 23 year-old.  Swapping him for Lincecum adds risk for the Orioles.  Also, he’s a fan/Peter Angelos favorite from what I’ve read.

Please, please, please get rid of the white on black. let me know when you do. – Matthew

Maybe one day…but in a survey this year 2/3 of MLBTR readers said to keep it the way it is.  I know 2/3 isn’t an overwhelming majority.  But I feel the white on black has become part of the MLBTR brand.  Only thing I don’t like about it is that it might make it harder for you to covertly read at work.

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