O’Brien’s Latest: Andruw, Marte, James

The AJC’s David O’Brien has a rumor update on his blog.  Let’s summarize.

  • The White Sox are very reluctant to go after Andruw Jones, because of Scott Boras.  They’d offer three years and less than $30MM, which would result in a dial tone.  Unless it was a cell phone.
  • The Braves need a lefty reliever, and might turn to the Pirates for Damaso Marte.  That’d be easier to pull off if the Yankees opt to sign Ron Mahay or Jeremy Affeldt for their lefty reliever.
  • O’Brien suggests the Braves have collected a starting pitching surplus, which is a dangerous thought.  What do you want to bet there’d be no surplus six months from now, if the current group is maintained?  O’Brien believes some team might push hard for Chuck James, anyway.
  • Matt Diaz may be available, if Brandon Jones proves MLB-ready.  First baseman Scott Thorman may also be on the market.

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