Rangers Signing Fukumori

UPDATE, 12-13-07 at 10:20am: Rosenthal confirms this signing; it kind of flew under the radar.  Pretty cheap at $1.5MM per year.

UPDATE, 12-12-07 at 1:57pm: My Japanese-speaking friend says that this article indicates Fukumori signed with Texas for two years and $3MM.  The $1.5MM salary is about twice what he made in ’07.  Fukumori also had offers from the Pirates and Rays.

FROM 12-12-07 at 9:08am:

According to Evan Grant, the Rangers are "on the verge" of signing Japanese reliever Kazuo Fukumori.  It would be a two-year deal.

As many as 10 teams were said to be interested in Fukumori, including the Yankees, Nationals, Royals, and Red Sox.  Ken Davidoff recently spoke to a scout who described Fukumori as "not bad."

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