Johan Santana Rumors: Saturday

Burned out on vague Johan Santana non-rumors yet?  Me neither!  Here we go…

  • Hank: "leaning towards doing it."  Hmmm, that makes it seem like the Twins aren’t part of this decision.  Hank notes that he has final say over Brian Cashman, in case you were wondering.
  • Pete Caldera says the Yankees do not have a standing offer.  This seems more a technicality than anything, because I imagine the offer is still good.
  • LEN3 says the Twins are backing off a bit on their demands – they realize they won’t get both Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy.  Instead, Jeff Marquez, Kei Igawa, and maybe others could be substituted for Kennedy.
  • LEN3 adds that the Twins have accepted that the Mets won’t part with Jose Reyes, and will still talk.
  • Meanwhile the Red Sox and Twins haven’t spoken much lately but Boston is still offering two different packages (one centered around Jacoby Ellsbury, the other around Jon Lester).

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