Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Erik Bedard

Another one of baseball’s top young lefties is about to be traded. Last week it was Johan Santana. This week it appears as if Erik Bedard is going to be traded to the Mariners for Adam Jones, a relief pitcher and three top pitching prospects. Despite rumors of a completed deal over a week ago, and worries that Peter Angelos might kill the deal, reports appear to indicate that the trade could be finalized. Any. Minute. Now. But before the deal is completed, let’s take a look at reactions to the Bedard trade from the blogosphere.

  • Camden Chat says farewell and thanks to Erik Bedard. They are now looking forward to watching the 2008 Baltimore Orioles even if the team is destined to lose 100 games.
  • Oriole Magic thinks this entire saga has been more interesting than the regular season will turn out to be.
  • Bleacher Report says there is no prize for finishing 4th in the AL East (tell that to Rays fans) and Peter Angelos needs to OK the deal.
  • Detect-O-Vision compares the Johan Santana deal to the Erik Bedard deal. While the Mariners appear to be offering more for Bedard, their system is much deeper than the Mets and they can afford the price.
  • Caffeinated Confines takes a look at who will play right field for the Mariners if Adam Jones is traded.
  • Bugs & Cranks thinks that this deal, along with the Miguel Tejada deal are moves that the Orioles should have made years ago.
  • Fake Teams takes a look at the three pitching prospects that are expected to be acquired by the Orioles.

by Cork Gaines

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