Ryan Howard Wins Case

THURSDAY, 9:07am: Victory for the players!  Howard gets his $10MM.   It’s a first-year arbitration record salary.  As Keith Law has pointed out – "the effect of this loss is cumulative" for the Phillies.  Another effect will be on Prince Fielder‘s 2009 salary.

WEDNESDAY, 9:31am:MLB.com’s Ken Mandel says Phillies’ assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr. met with Ryan Howard‘s agent Casey Close minutes before the player’s arbitration hearing.  They looked into a last-minute agreement but it could not be done.  The hearing began at 8:30am CST; $3MM hangs in the balance.  We should know within a day.

Players are 0-5 in hearings so far.  But as we discussed, that’s not terribly unexpected.  Jim Salisbury has a cool inside look at arbitration hearings (hat tip to ShysterBall).  Tom Gordon talks about his experience here.  Also, Jon Heyman takes a look at Chien Ming Wang’s team’s losing argument.

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