Giants Scouting Crede, Inge

This morning we have reports that the Giants have recently scouted Joe Crede and Brandon Inge.  Even without a decent third baseman in the house, I don’t really see the point of acquiring either guy.

On Sunday, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo noted that the Giants could be less likely to acquire Crede given the Noah Lowry injury.  Then on Monday, Kenny Williams mentioned that the two teams he’d discussed Crede with hadn’t impressed with their offers. Williams suggested Crede could be his Opening Day third baseman, despite Josh Fields‘ worthiness.

Inge is the other veteran third base option for teams like the Giants and Dodgers.  But Inge bears almost four times the salary commitment, so the Tigers would have to eat some of it.  Or, as one MLBTR reader suggested to me, perhaps the Tigers would take on one of the Giants’ many bad contracts in return.

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