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I had a small firm design the new MLBTR logo.  They presented about a dozen and I chose my favorite.  MLBTR readers were not terribly impressed by the new logo though.  I want to keep an open mind, because I am not an artistic guy.  I received several emails from people who thought they could do better.  One person, Mo Ahmadieh, revised the logo in a way I thought made it better.  Here is a look at that revision (click to enlarge).


I’ve decided to open this up and have a contest to design the best logo.  The prize is $100 plus your name/design company mentioned in a post.  Here’s what I’m looking for.

  • It should be an original design – doesn’t have to look like the new blue logo or the current black and white one.
  • It has to beat the logo shown in this post.  I may still go with this one; I like it.  In that case there would be no winner.
  • Needs some kind of color.  I like the blue used for this one, but I am open to other colors.  Red, white, and blue together is not going to work though.
  • Can’t use copyrighted photos (ie, MLB players).
  • Needs a transparent background.
  • Needs to have the full tagline.
  • Size: 800×110 pixels.
  • Email your entry to and enter as many as you’d like.  Please get them in by end of day Friday.  This should be fun.

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