Left-Handed Power Options For Cubs

Lou Piniella seemingly wouldn’t mind a left-handed power hitter on his team, even if he’s not complaining about it.  It’s fair to assume the Cubs are locked in at first base, third base, and left field.  That makes the left-handed power pursuit much more challenging.

We can probably rule out Adam Dunn, Raul Ibanez, Chad Tracy, Barry Bonds, Aubrey Huff, and Hank BlalockKosuke Fukudome could be shifted to center field, but none of these guys could handle right regularly.

I came up with three possibly available players who can play right field, somewhat.  I’m thinking of Eric Hinske, Milton Bradley, and Ken Griffey Jr.  Putting Bradley in right field with no DH option seems dangerous, and recent chatter says Junior’s staying put.  Hinske, who is hitting .257/.340/.542 in 162 plate appearances, seems the best target.  Keep in mind that this is just one guy’s opinion, not a trade rumor.

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