Heyman Weighs In On Sabathia

To review, we learned yesterday from Ed Price that the Indians are making one last effort to sign ace starter C.C. Sabathia.  Now SI.com’s Jon Heyman has a new article on the ever-popular topic of Carsten Charles.  A summary follows.

  • Heyman’s sources believe the Indians will not commit to a fifth guaranteed year in their offer.
  • At least a dozen teams are interested, and "every contending team but the Cardinals already has checked in with Cleveland."
  • Heyman says Sabathia is believed to be seeking at least $125MM.  But he talked to "a person who knows Sabathia" who believes the pitcher won’t try to wring out every last dollar and might not prefer New York.
  • More doubt is cast on the idea of the Indians providing a window to sign Sabathia.

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