The Holliday Situation

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post talks about how opposing executives are waiting to see if the Rockies will make Matt Holliday available.  The Rockies have talked with Scott Boras about extending their slugger past ’09, but both sides are mum on the state of those discussions.  Presumably, the Rockies would exhaust that avenue before putting Holliday on the market.

ESPN’s Buster Olney lays out the options for Dan O’Dowd: shop Holliday this summer and aim for a Teixeira-like bounty, sign Holliday to a staggering extension now, or let him play out the string while hoping he finds the free agent market disappointing.  Olney opines that Holliday "is worth more to the Rockies than he is to any other team."

Teams are always going to be wary of trading for a Colorado slugger.  If I was in charge, I’d deal Holliday for 75% of the Teixeira return.  What would you do?

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