Carroll’s Latest: Torrealba, Wheeler, Dunn

Here’s the latest from Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus.  Some of this info is from this afternoon, so I apologize for the tardiness.

  • The Rockies may still move a lesser player like Yorvit Torrealba, if anyone’s interested.  There doesn’t seem to be a match with the catching-hungry Marlins though.
  • Carroll tosses a new name into the relief market: Dan Wheeler.  Would the Rays part with him?
  • Carroll’s sources don’t think much of the recent Jeff Kent rumor.
  • The White Sox have been aggressive in their relief pursuit; the Twins have been passive in general.  The Mets, Rays, and Phillies have been quiet.
  • Still no interest in Adam Dunn.  The man has 30 home runs!  Carroll says David Weathers is drawing some inquiries.

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