Mark Teixeira Rumors: Monday

12:10am:’s Jon Heyman is hearing the Braves are locked in on the D’Backs, so I’m not sure who to believe.  Heyman believes the Rays could be the fallback.

11:42pm: Jack Magruder of the East Valley Tribune has a source saying there’s "no way" the D’Backs acquire Teixeira or Manny Ramirez.  The Braves proposed a package of Scherzer, Parker, and Tracy for Tex.  Sounds like these two teams are not close to being on the same page.

11:29pm:’s Mark Bowman checks in.  His source says the Yankees, Rays, and Angels are more likely to acquire Teixeira than the D’Backs.  Frank Wren isn’t having the Tracy over Jackson idea.

11:06pm: Buster Olney heard from sources that the Braves are leaning toward the D’Backs.  He believes a deal could be structured around Tracy and a non-Scherzer pitching prospect.  Will Carroll believes the Braves have two solid offers and a third on the way, and Tex could be traded by tomorrow.

10:32pm: Ken Rosenthal has the D’Backs as frontrunners for Tex, noting that they’ll trade Tracy but not Jackson.  Micah Owings or a prospect not named Scherzer or Parker could also be included.  Tracy and Owings does seem superior to two draft picks.  Rosenthal notes that the D’Backs would not attempt to re-sign Teixeira after the season.  Meanwhile, Will Carroll heard that the Orioles and Dodgers also inquired.

9:39pm: Steve Gilbert of has a source saying the D’Backs don’t want to part with Conor Jackson, Max Scherzer, or Jarrod Parker for Teixeira.

7:12pm: David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked to GM Frank Wren, who says the Braves have deals on the table right now for Teixeira.  Wren is still trying to find the best deal.

6:38pm: The Braves are now taking bids for Teixeira.  ESPN’s Jayson Stark says the teams in the mix are the D’Backs, Red Sox, Rays, and Angels.  Still, Arizona seems the most logical fit.  The Angels won’t trade Casey Kotchman, and the Braves don’t care for Kendry Morales.

5:08pm: According to Yahoo’s Steve Henson, negotiations between the Braves and Diamondbacks for first baseman Mark Teixeira are "pretty far along."  Henson talked to a front office source from another team interested in Tex.  The Braves reportedly want a prospect plus Chad Tracy or Conor Jackson

ESPN’s Keith Law wrote earlier today that the Braves have at least four suitors for Teixeira.

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