Manny Would Approve Trade

10:02pm: Jon Heyman provides some Manny musings.  Despite Manny’s comments, he doesn’t believe he’d waive his no-trade rights for nothing.  Like others, Heyman doesn’t find a trade likely.

8:36pm: Todd Zolecki finds a Manny acquisition unlikely for the Phillies, though he says they have discussed him internally.  Signing Ramirez as a free agent might be more feasible, if Pat Burrell leaves.

5:40pm: Jayson Stark puts the kibosh on the idea of the Phillies pursuing Ramirez.  Never made much sense anyway.  Stark says the Phils remain focused on relief help.      

3:56pm: Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez said today that he’d approve a trade if the team can reach one.  The implication is that Ramirez would not require additional compensation to waive his no-trade power, but that’s uncertain.

The quote:

"If they can get a trade, I’d approve it. If they can’t trade me, then they will simply have to inform me by the end of the season that they won’t use the options and we’ll go separate ways."

Notice how Manny doesn’t mention the possibility of his ’09 option being exercised.

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