Mark Teixeira Roundup

More on the Mark Teixeira front:  Carroll Rogers of the Atlanta Journal Constitution names four guys the Braves have been reportedly targeting in deals for Teixeira.  Nobody new appears, but it’s good fodder for conversation:

Kevin Youkilis: Ortiz is healthy and Youkilis has been arguably the Red Sox MVP so far this season, not far off from Teixeira in production. Both sides deny it. Mixed reviews from MLBTR readers. Can we put this to rest?

James Loney: Keith Law reported yesterday on the Dodgers as a good fit with the caveat that Loney would have to either be included in the deal or default to the bench. If included, Loney would be a good a catch for the Braves. At age 24, he’s getting paid $411,000 to hit .301 and drive in a team-high 57 RBI. He won’t hit free agency until 2013. Far be it from me to predict what the Dodgers will do, but Loney has to be at least somewhat untouchable.

Conor Jackson:  These rumors have been dispelled for now.

Casey Kotchman: Maybe the only intriguing possibility on this list, Kotchman is 25 and not eligible for free agency until 2012. The Angels dangled him and Joe Saunders in a deal for Teixeira before the Braves one-upped them.  The Halos’ offense has picked it up this month and Scioscia’s saying they don’t need help. Still, with the addition of Teixeira, the Angels would be scary.

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