Nationals Rumors: Guzman, Rauch, Holliday’s Bill Ladson has the goods on the Nationals.

  • The Nationals are currently negotiating with Cristian Guzman‘s agent on a possible extension.  Last month, the Nats proposed a two-year extension.  It’s thought that Guzman might make some concessions given how little he gave the Nats in the first three years of his current contract.  But if the two sides can’t reach an agreement soon, the Nats may choose to trade Guzman.
  • Ladson also reports that the White Sox and Rays are scouting closer Jon Rauch.  Rauch, you may recall, came up as a starter with the Sox and was traded to the Expos in ’04.  Kenny Williams made that deal with Omar Minaya.
  • Ladson’s source confirmed mild interest in Colorado’s Matt Holliday.  Ladson notes Jim Bowden’s fondness for Adam Dunn as well.  However, the source considers the infield a greater need for the Nats.

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