Holliday On Rockies’ Contract Offer

Dave Krieger of the Rocky Mountain News spoke to Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday regarding the team’s contract offer.  Holliday revealed that the Rockies offered four years without a no-trade clause.  He is not looking to test the free agent market after the ’09 season, but doesn’t consider the Rockies’ offer close to market value. Holliday knows he could get eight years on the open market, but it seems that six or seven years with a no-trade clause might do the trick for Colorado.  That’d still be a discount.

Unless the Rockies drastically change their offer, Holliday is a goner after ’09.  That doesn’t mean they can’t hang on to him and let him play out the season.  That’s a viable option that would’ve worked for the Twins with Johan Santana, in hindsight.  It’s not an ideal offseason to shop Holliday – the free agent market features several big-name sluggers. 

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