Colletti: No Offer To Manny Yet

SATURDAY: Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says both reports about the Dodgers preparing or offering a two-year deal to Ramirez in the $55-60MM range are fiction.  Colletti says the Dodgers haven’t even discussed the length or salary of their offer internally.

Colletti plans to meet with Scott Boras in the near future, and both Ramirez and Derek Lowe will be discussed.  Colletti’s heard Lowe wants to move to the East Coast, however.

FRIDAY: According to Bart Hubbuch, George King, and Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Dodgers offered Manny Ramirez a two-year, $60MM contract.  Their sources believe this offer was made to appease fans, as it has no chance of being accepted.  Still, $30MM a year is nothing to sneeze at.

ESPN’s Buster Olney notes that the highest-paid outfielder in the game in 2008 (present-day value) was Torii Hunter at just $18MM.  He considers it "a little nuts" to be talking about paying Manny A-Rod money.

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