Rosenthal’s Latest: Sabathia, McLouth, Fuentes

Here’s a look at the latest column from Ken Rosenthal.

  • Rosenthal puts odds for various teams to sign C.C. Sabathia, with the Yankees, Angels and Red Sox on top.
  • Rosenthal wonders whether the White Sox will consider trading Jermaine Dye for a starting pitcher, moving Carlos Quentin to right field, and acquiring an athletic center fielder somehow.  The goal would be a more athletic club.  The Sox will also look to add a second baseman, moving Alexei Ramirez to shortstop.  I’m not sure if something as long-term as Orlando Hudson makes sense, though.
  • The Pirates wouldn’t trade Nate McLouth for Robinson Cano, and won’t trade McLouth at all unless some team overpays.
  • If the Orioles don’t reach an extension with Brian Roberts, he’ll go on the trading block.
  • Rosenthal sees Brian Fuentes asking for Brad Lidge-type money, three years and at least $37.5MM. Pretty steep, but still half of K-Rod’s price.
  • The Rangers "made a big offer" for Zack Greinke in July, and the Braves are also fans.  But the Royals will need to be bowled over to move him.

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