Will Brewers Try To Sign Sabathia?

Back in July, most writers assumed the Brewers would not sign C.C. Sabathia after the season.  However, ESPN’s Buster Olney is saying there’s a chance:

Others in the Brewers’ organization say Milwaukee owner Mark Attanasio will try to make it very difficult for Sabathia to leave — maybe to the point of risking a colossal mistake.

You have to figure the Brewers will at least make their best offer to Sabathia.  They’ll get a shot at him before he hits the open market – before the bidding war. 

If the Brewers let Ben Sheets and Eric Gagne leave, that’s $21MM right there.  Guillermo Mota clears another $3.35MM.  Non-tendering Chris Capuano would wipe out another $3.75MM.  That is $28MM off the books for C.C. in ’09.  A six or seven-year deal for Sabathia would surely hamper the Brewers down the road, but it cannot be ruled out.

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