Notable First Round Compensation Picks

A reader suggested we take a look at notable free agent compensation draft picks.  Today we’ll look at first-round picks that one team lost to another for signing a Type A free agent.  We’ll look at notable supplemental picks later this week.

  • 2000: Braves pick Adam Wainwright as compensation for D’Backs signing Russ Springer.
  • 2001: Mets pick Aaron Heilman for Rockies signing Mike Hampton.
  • 2001: Orioles pick Mike Fontenot for Yankees signing Mike Mussina.
  • 2001: A’s pick Jeremy Bonderman for Mets signing Kevin Appier.
  • 2002: A’s pick Nick Swisher for Red Sox signing Johnny Damon.
  • 2002: A’s pick Joe Blanton for Yankees signing Jason Giambi.
  • 2003: D’Backs pick Conor Jackson for Mariners signing Greg Colbrunn.
  • 2004: Twins pick Glen Perkins for Mariners signing Eddie Guardado.
  • 2004: Yankees pick Phil Hughes for Astros signing Andy Pettitte.
  • 2004: Dodgers pick Blake DeWitt for Yankees signing Paul Quantrill.
  • 2005: Red Sox pick Jacoby Ellsbury for Angels signing Orlando Cabrera.
  • 2005: Cardinals pick Colby Rasmus for Red Sox signing Edgar Renteria.

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