Arbitration Decision Rumors

As you know, 24 free agents were offered arbitration – 15 Type As and 9 Type Bs.  Their decisions will roll in throughout the day, but’s Jon Heyman spoils the ending – aside from perhaps a couple of middle relievers (Darren Oliver comes to mind), almost everyone will decline.  Nonetheless, let’s gather up some rumors on the topic.

  • Heyman analyzes six players: Jon Garland, Oliver Perez, Paul Byrd, Orlando Cabrera, Jason Varitek, and Ben Sheets.  He doesn’t really see these guys accepting, but their names have at least been raised in baseball circles.
  • Ken Rosenthal has sources saying Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, Sheets, and Garland will decline.  Tracy Ringolsby agrees on Fuentes.
  • Brandon Lyon‘s agent Barry Meister admitted that he’ll consider accepting.

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