Mariners Not Adding Third Baseman Yet

Larry Stone sat down with Jack Zduriencik following the Ryan Langerhans acquisition today, to ask if anything else was on the horizon in the wake of Adrian Beltre's injury. Zduriencik said that for the time being, nothing is in the works:

"I think you leave all your options open. Obviously, there have been a lot of talks over the last month on a lot of different scenarios. Nothing is imminent. At this moment, I don't anticipate anything, That's not to say, as you move forward, the next day creates something that wasn't there today. I think everyone is aware of everyone else's situation. When they see what's happened here recently, or we look at other clubs…but at this time, we are where we are, and we'll try to do the best we can with where we're at."

Zduriencik has not received any calls offering a third baseman yet, and says the Langerhans acquisition is more related to the loss of Endy Chavez than to Beltre's surgery.

Stone also reports that Zduriencik sat with Scott Boras in the first row behind home plate at Dodger Stadium. The two discussed Beltre, Jarrod Washburnand Dustin Ackley, but nothing too formal on any of the three.

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