Discussion: Winners And Losers

It's probably premature to evaluate the many trades we've seen in recent days, especially with so much uncertainty surrounding them. Jason Knapp, Josh Bell and Nick Hagadone are desirable prospects, but it will be years before we know how much value they'll bring their new franchises. Jake Peavy's a great pitcher, but his ankle's still healing.

Still, we know which teams seem better off now than they did a month ago. The Red Sox added Victor Martinez and held onto many of their top prospects; the Phillies got the ace they needed without giving up the prospects they wanted to keep and the Tigers added a top starter of their own. These three teams seem better off now than they did a month ago.

But what about the Indians, who traded marquee players for a bevy of minor leaguers? What about the Pirates, who traded a bevy of major leaguers for a wide-ranging group, including Tim Alderson? Or the White Sox, who gave up a lot and obtained a recovering Cy Young Award winner? Which of these teams are winners? Losers? In-between?

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