Miguel Angel Sano Lowers Asking Price

Dominican shortstop Miguel Angel Sano has lowered his asking price in recent weeks, according to MASN's Steve Melewski.  The Orioles admitted "things have stepped up" in their talks with Sano, but a gap remains.  (Just a week ago, Orioles president Andy MacPhail characterized the talks as on the backburner.)  Melewski heard eight to ten teams are in on Sano, perhaps large-market clubs like the Yankees and Red Sox included.  Melewski believes Sano may sign in October.  The player's age remains unconfirmed, but he's saying he's 16.

The Pirates were the frontrunner for Sano a few months ago, but Sano's agent turned down their $2.6MM offer (ESPN's Jorge Arangure Jr. reporting).  Since then, Wagner Mateo's $3.1MM deal with the Cardinals was voided.

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