Discussion: Sabean And The Giants

Some of the moves we can expect from San Francisco came into focus with Chris Haft's terrific interview with Giants' GM Brian Sabean for MLB.com. Among the tidbits:

  • The Giants are unwilling to offer Bengie Molina more than a one-year contract, though they will offer him arbitration.
  • Brad Penny's current contract demands are "out of reach at this point."
  • Juan Uribe, who hopes to earn something similar to his $4.75MM deal from 2008, won't get close to that from the Giants.
  • Still, this doesn't mean the Giants won't be spending money this winter. Haft writes, "Sabean said that he envisions the Giants filling their personnel needs through free agency rather than trades."

The full piece, including Sabean's take on why he dislikes trades, is worth checking out. And now that you know what Sabean won't do, what do you think he should do?

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