Discussion: Which Team Has Improved The Least?

Earlier today, we discussed which team had improved the most so far this offseason. Based on your comments, the Seattle Mariners appear to be the overwhelming number one choice. Now it's time to examine the other side of coin, and figure out which club has done the least to improve so far this winter.

It hasn't been a great offseason in southern California: The Angels parted ways with top free agents like John Lackey and Chone Figgins, and the Dodgers' budget issues have affected their roster decisions (ie. not offering Randy Wolf arbitration). Elsewhere, Atlanta has lost a handful of impact players, including Javier Vazquez, Mike Gonzalez, and Rafael Soriano, while many of the Braves' new signings (Troy Glaus, Billy Wagner, Takashi Saito) have high upsides, but worrisome injury histories.

If you want to include rebuilding clubs in the discussion, the Blue Jays and Tigers will almost certainly field weaker teams in 2010, after trading away players like Roy Halladay, Curtis Granderson, and Edwin Jackson. Both clubs, however, managed to add some intriguing talent to their farm systems in those deals, aiming to improve their long-term prospects. In Detroit's case, they should still have the pieces to contend in 2010 in a weak AL Central.

It's hard to compare major movers and shakers such as the Red Sox and Yankees to the teams whose payroll restrictions force them to stand relatively pat. But which club's offseason do you think has been the worst, to date?

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  1. Houston had a pretty bad off-season. They lost LaTroy Hawkins, haven’t re-signed Valverde or Tejada and they signed Brandon Lyon 3 years/15 Mil. They’re replacement for Tejada : Pedro Feliz, who hasn’t hit for .270 since 2004, has went down in HRs in the last 3 years, had a .966 FPCT last year..

    Yeah it’s pretty bad.. Also they traded for Lindstrom.. Injury prone and bad players seem to be the direction they want to go in this year.

  2. Dodgers…losing Randy Wolf, trading Pierre and getting just MiL in return. Not adding anything so far.

  3. Dodgers…losing Randy Wolf, trading Pierre and getting just MiL in return. Not adding anything so far.

  4. This isn’t even a question: The Angels. They lost their best pitcher and one guy who wreaked havoc on the base paths and created so many scoring opportunities for them last year. Getting Matsui in place of Vlad is nearly a wash – they watched the Mariners get considerably better and probably lost their chance of winning the division this offseason.

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