How To Use MLB Trade Rumors

For those new to MLB Trade Rumors, here's a primer on how to use the site.

  • Subscribe to our main Twitter and RSS feeds.  One benefit of Twitter is that you will be notified if posts are updated.
  • If you'd like rumors on just your favorite club, we have Twitter and RSS feeds by team.  That link also shows you how to sign up for our Transactions-only feeds, in case you only want to see the moves.
  • We also have a Facebook fan page.
  • If you just arrived at and want a quick overview, check out our Top Stories section on the righthand sidebar.
  • The sidebar also includes the site search box and links for rumors by team.
  • More interesting stuff: our list of current free agents, another list containing free agents after the 2010 season, and our GM Trade History spreadsheets.  The free agent lists are constantly updated.
  • Check out the mobile version of MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Looking to start a discussion?  Try the MLBTR Forums.

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