Midseason Trade Candidates

With the bigger free agent names off the board, many MLBTR readers are already looking ahead and trying to predict which big names will be available for trade during the summer.  Here's our take.

Anything's possible, but I'd consider the Indians, Pirates, and Padres three clubs unlikely to contend in 2010.  I also get the impression Mark Shapiro, Neal Huntington, and Jed Hoyer will be realistic and ready to deal if things aren't looking good come June.  With that in mind, some of the more available players this summer might include Kerry Wood, Jake Westbrook, Jhonny Peralta, Paul Maholm, Zach Duke, Ryan Doumit, Akinori Iwamura, Chris Young, Heath Bell, Kevin Correia, and Adrian Gonzalez.  Obviously Gonzalez would be the one dominating MLBTR.

I'm sure surprises will emerge, but other possible sellers include the Nationals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Reds, Royals, and A's.  Those clubs might make the following players available: Adam Dunn, Cristian Guzman, Kevin Millwood, Lyle Overbay, Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, Gil Meche, David DeJesus, Kyle Farnsworth, Juan Cruz, and Coco Crisp.  It's far from a complete list.

Other intriguing midseason trade candidates: Brandon Webb, Carl Crawford, Huston Street, and Brad Hawpe.  The D'Backs would probably have to be out of contention to shop Webb, while the Rays and Rockies wouldn't necessarily be waving the white flag.

There are a few blockbuster-type names, longshots for sure, who could be trade bait if extension attempts fail and the teams are out of contention.  For example, Felix Hernandez, Justin Verlander, and Joe Mauer.

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  1. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    what about Dan Uggla?

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I don’t think the A’s and Reds are sellers at all. I think both teams have a legitimate shot at contending.

  2. rocky28 5 years ago

    There is no way Joe Mauer is getting traded, the Twins have to sign Mauer, if not the Twins are nothing without Mauer, and the fan would be in complete disappointment. It is a must for the Twins to sign Mauer, no matter what the cost is

  3. Guest 5 years ago

    I think that some of these guys could be traded before mid-season…I hope Mauer get’s locked up.

    Paul Maholm to the Dodgers – Ivan DeJesus, Trayvon Robinson, Russ Mitchell to the Pirates.

    Carl Crawford to the Yankees – Mark Melancon and Gary Sanchez

    Ryan Doumit to the Rangers – Martin Perez to the Pirates

    Zach Duke to the Diamondbacks – Gerardo Parra, Bryan Augenstien to the Pirates

    Johnny Peralta to the Cardinals – Daryl Jones, David Freese to the Indians

    • I don’t think the Yanks will trade for Crawford and also the Rays could do better than that.

    • ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

      “Paul Maholm to the Dodgers – Ivan DeJesus, Trayvon Robinson, Russ Mitchell to the Pirates.” dude are you serious?? That is way too much for a pitcher like paul maholm, way too much!!

    • BKstandup 5 years ago

      Really? Doumit for Perez? Really???

  4. Guest 5 years ago

    If the Mets want to get Webb that might mean giving up Mejia, Niese and a hitter: Havens/Davis/Martinez. I’ll only take him if he is having a CC season.

  5. dyaf 5 years ago

    I don’t think there will be any “king’s ransom” for Webb mid-season. Think more along the lines of the Mark Teixeira trade around the 2008 deadline. (Kotchman + Marek) Especially with his injury concerns. In fact, they might just be better off with the 2 picks…

  6. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    what about prince feilder or miggy cabrera? it depends on how bad there teams are doing.

  7. i don’t see the Mariners turning into mid-season sellers. With the addition of Lee, Figgins, they’d like to have a real go… I’ll be very surprised if they aren’t in contention at the deadline. Injuries could change that, of course. I also expect a long-term deal with Felix early in the season.

  8. Acortez 5 years ago

    Justin Duchscherer is a great candidate for a trade, its a 1 year deal, and part of it includes the fact the A’s cannot offer arbitration, so if a type A they get ZERO if he leaves. So if the A’s start slow and Duke is doing well, he could bring back some good players….

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      However, if the A’s use him as an SP, there’s very little chance he makes Type A. He’s very likely to make Type B, but not A.

      He’s much more likely to make Type A if he’s used as a reliever, but the way his contract incentives are structured, its very blatant that both the A’s and Duke plan for him to be used as an SP. And the A’s don’t need more relievers.

      • Acortez 5 years ago

        Agreed, but either way if he is putting up numbers like 2008, but the team is in last for other reasons I am sure he will get a ton of attn……

  9. Scott Downs, Jason Fraser, Jeremy Accardo, Brian Tallet (as long relief/spot starter), Edwin Encarnacion, Lyle Overbay, Jon Macdonald, Jon Buck, and Alex Gonzalez should all be available.

    Downs and Fraser are likely to hold the most value. Gonzalez could also be a valuable chip because of the 2011 2.5mil club option. It could end up a real bargain if he plays well this year.

  10. Pseudonymus Bosch 5 years ago

    Jason Marquis is a possibility if a Nationals rookie has a break-out into stardom, although he’s more likely to be 2011 trade deadline material. If Drew Storen dominates in his first few big league weeks, Matt Capps might be on the move.

  11. AaronAngst 5 years ago

    How about Prince? Melvin would be a fool not to deal him if the Crew is totally out of it at the deadline… I would imagine his value to be higher than Gonzalez’s, especially to an AL team, and with an arb year left to burn.

  12. wags25 5 years ago

    Josh Beckett could be traded if either he fades or the BoSox fade in July. Could happen.

    • Potrzeba 5 years ago

      what could we get fro him? probably atleast 3 top prospects..

      • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

        First off, Sox won’t be out of contention in July, and if Beckett fades, I doubt the Sox would deal him.

        Second, because if they did trade him he’d only have this one year left on his contract (so 1/2 a year if he’s dealt at the deadline) you won’t be getting 3 top prospects for him. 2 could even be a stretch. Look at the Cliff Lee deal, and he still had another year under contract.

  13. bballrox4717 5 years ago

    I’ve heard nothing about the Rockies trading Brad Hawpe during midseason because he’s under control for another two years with JUST the Rockies, he’ll void the option anywhere else. It isn’t worth it and I’d just take the picks. Street is a possibility to be traded but that’s unlikely since he’ll only be traded if the Rockies are out of contention, and I find that so unlikely that it would take catastrophic injuries happening such as all of Jimenez, Cook, Helton, Tulo, CarGo, and Stewart to really knock them out, and a total bullpen collapse. The Rockies have too much depth and talent to NOT compete unless they have an idiotic manager like Hurdle, but he’s with the Rangers now, so no chance of that happening ever again. :) I just pray to God that Tracy will give enough starts to Smith, Iannetta, and Stewart and avoid starting too much of Olivo and whoever replaces Atkins.

  14. The most interesting to look out for and probably the most valuable is Verlander, there aren’t any rumors about him at all so far, but the way the tigers have been trading away talent lately, that could change. I think Mauer will stay as a twin, there is a 0% chance he gets traded. If your going to say he leaves the club as a free agent that’s a different story, but still unlikely.

  15. dire straits 5 years ago

    Brad Hawpe to the Dodgers. Can’t get ’em out, get em!

    • ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

      i agree hawpe is a dodger killer and hes a good player but where would he play for the dodgers? second base? haha

  16. After seeing the instant disagreement to the proposed Pirates trades, what do you guys think that Maholm, Duke, and Doumit will fetch, if dealt individually? I can see Doumit to the Red Sox or Rangers.

    • lefty177 5 years ago

      i’m just throwing this out there but the Pirates need someone to teach their pitching staff, how about straight up Varitek for Doumit? Tek can teach them how to pitch a game, etc. & Doumit can fill in if Martinez needs a day off or Youk goes to 3rd & Martinez goes to 1st, etc.


      • Varitek has no value to the Pirates. I can think of no reason why they’d want him for free, much less if they had to trade Doumit to get him. When healthy, Doumit is an excellent offensive player from the catching position. It would take pretty decent prospects to get him as long as he’s healthy.

  17. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    If Glaus gets hurt, the braves can trade for Ty Wiggington.

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