Red Sox, Mets Discussed Castillo For Lowell

TUESDAY, 12:52pm: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports finds Castillo "highly unlikely to be traded, for Lowell or anyone else."  Joel Sherman of the New York Post learned that the Mets and Red Sox have not discussed a Castillo-Lowell swap for weeks.

MONDAY, 9:52pm:'s Rob Bradford writes that a Castillo-for-Lowell deal is "not close."  He feels that it's most likely Lowell will have to prove his health in Spring Training before a trade occurs.  Meanwhile, Yahoo's Tim Brown tweets that the Rangers "have not ruled out re-engaging on Lowell."

6:56pm:'s Jerry Crasnick tweets, "I just heard that Red Sox have talked to the Mets about a Mike Lowell-for-Luis Castillo trade. Not sure how serious it is." He adds that Lowell is expendable with Adrian Beltre in the fold. Also, with Castillo gone, the Mets could go after Orlando Hudson.

The deal certainly clears an unwanted player for both teams. But while it is easy to see Lowell getting some at-bats for the Mets at first, and even spelling David Wright at third base, where Castillo fits in- given his poor defense at second base, and the existence of Dustin Pedroia– with Boston is harder to understand.

The money would be even in such a deal. Lowell is owed $12MM in 2010, while Castillo is owed $6MM in each of the next two years.

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  2. Why on earth would the redsox do this, obviously they want to free up cash, but where do they expect to play him?

    • donutvt 6 years ago

      Castillo’ AAV is low enough that he drops the Sox under the luxury tax. Even if he’s a backup this year and they cut him next spring, the Sox pay the same amount of dollars in salary and avoid paying the luxury tax.

  3. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    Please NO!!!!!!!!

  4. aeqr 6 years ago

    I’ve been talking about this for a while. It’s a great move but only if the Red Sox eat some of the salary.

    • why would the Sox have to eat any salary? it seems even to me. 6m for 2 years and 12 for 1

      • aeqr 6 years ago

        At this point, only because he comes with a big “?” from surgery. If this was during Spring Training and you actually see the guy playing then I’ll say it’s fair even.

      • aeqr 6 years ago

        At this point, only because he comes with a big “?” from surgery. If this was during Spring Training and you actually see the guy playing then I’ll say it’s fair even.

    • why would the Sox have to eat any salary? it seems even to me. 6m for 2 years and 12 for 1

  5. fracchi 6 years ago

    why where would the sox play him mabe they trade him?

    • redsox4434 6 years ago

      Yeah, maybe. This will sound idiotic, but maybe in a package to get A-Gon, or some minor league prospects. I don’t know who they’d trade Castillo to, though.

  6. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    As a Met fan I don’t want to see this happen

  7. Mercenary480 6 years ago

    As A Mets fan… I would like to see this…

    As a Baseball fan, I fail to see how this makes any sense for boston… Yeah Lowell becomes expendable for boston… Castillo would already be useless in Boston… Both lack defense but Lowell is a better hitter unless you want castillo to come off the bench to bunt…. And I can see Lowell being a good RH DH if Ortiz starts to struggle against Lefties

    • kcjones21 6 years ago

      it possibly brings them under the luxury tax. instead of lowell’s 12 million on tab for one year, it would be two years of castillo for 6 million. not sure if this is theo’s thought process but who knows…plus castillo i imagine will just be flipped elsewhere or used as a utility guy. he sure wouldnt be starting for the sox next season barring any injuries

  8. dmsr015 6 years ago

    I would personally like this deal for the Mets.
    imagine this line-up:
    1) Reyes ss
    2) Hudson 2b
    3) Beltran cf
    4) Bay lf
    5) Wright 3b
    6) Molina c
    7)frenchy rf
    8) Lowell 1b

    DIRTY!!! get it done omar!!!

  9. Castillo? Why would the Dead Sox want Ca$hstealo?

    • nycstateofmind 6 years ago

      haha i like that Cashstealo..back in 08 when Delgado was slumpin it was Delcrapo lol

  10. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    Where would they put pedroia.. On castillo’s lap?

    • waterdog333 6 years ago

      they could always move pedroia to ss like he said he would be open to the move and then move scutaro to a utility role and then castillo doent always have to play with scutero starting 4 games a week at ss perdria plays ss 3 days and 2b 4 days with castillo at 2b 3 times a week and then pinch running for ortiz

  11. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    Why would the Mets do this deal

    • Mercenary480 6 years ago

      Platoon player with Murphy while freeing up a slot for Orlando Hudson…. The real question is why would Boston do this

      • 0bsessions 6 years ago

        If there’s no cash changing hands?

        Because it would keep them under the luxury tax threshold this season and it’s irrelevant next season with Ortiz and Varitek both full on off the books.

        Bluntly speaking, from a Sox fan perspective, I would rather eat $6 million a year over two years than $12 million in one season when as close to the tax threshold as the Sox.

        • Mercenary480 6 years ago

          True, and I guess they could then eat money on castillo and flip him easier to save even more(maybe eat 3mil this year and 3mil next year) to get back weak prospects. (Cuz everyone knows the cheap Mets wont eat money on a contract)

          This way, Sox essentially got rid of Lowell for 3M this year and 3M next year to, and thats 9M more they can spend to stay below Luxury Taxes.

        • Don’t forget Lugo and possibly Beltre come off the books as well.

          And I totally agree with you about the tax threshold. But I would love the idea of platooning Papi and Lowell at the DH position.

    • gov190 6 years ago

      Pedroia is going to be moved over to short..castillo plays second..Beltre at third..youk at first Papi DH. Mets get Lowell & Delgado,sign Hudson for second.where can i sign for this, make happend Omar.

  12. I dont want this to happen as a Met fan just another injury concern.

    • dislike

    • MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

      Thats the reason why I don’t want this to happen plus Dum Dum Jerry would start him every day even when he would be in a slump

  13. daniel_san 6 years ago

    The money is not even. You have to consider the time value of money. Why do you think backloaded contracts exist? X dollars in Year 3 is worth less than the same X dollars in Year 0.

  14. YES!!!! Lowell could platoon with Murphy! Please let it be true! Sign Hudson, Pinero and Bedard after please! and Ollie be traded at once!!

    • dire straits 6 years ago

      And delusion has set it in, folks.

      • Delusion? That all could happen guy

        • Mercenary480 6 years ago

          If the Mets had the Yankee Payroll yes it could… The Mets have MAYBE 15Milish left for this year to spend…. Lowell would eat 6M more if its an even trade leaving them with 9M and a hole at 2B(meaning they’d need hudson so that could be another 5M) leaving them with 4M to deal with the rotation.

          • nycstateofmind 6 years ago

            look killah, unless ur work for the Mets please stop pretending you know how much money the Mets are or are not willing to spend. There is absolutely no documented proof as to how much the Mets want the payroll to be next season

        • Not Even Pinero is going to cost an arm and a leg. Sure Hudson can and would sign, but not sure what Bedard wants. Rumors having him going back to the Baltimore.

          • txftw 6 years ago

            Rumors whisper. Cash speaks.

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Let him! Not even the O’s know when he’d be ready to start his season!

        • bucs_lose_again 6 years ago

          Not really sure what you plan on trading Oliver Perez for. You’d probably have to take on a really bad contract and a case of genital warts to get him off your team.

  15. danielpwnz 6 years ago

    It’s possible the Sox could flip Castillo. He could probably be moved quicker than an injured Lowell.

    • ArmchairGM 6 years ago

      Frankly I think it’d be easier to move Lowell than Castillo, both are awful defenders at this point in their careers but Lowell is the better hitter. This move makes no sense at all.

      • Suzysman 6 years ago

        nah man, the Cubs would likely take Castillo for one of Baker/Fontenot and a piece or two if the BoSox ate cash to help us afford it.

        We kind of desperately need him (and how pitiful is THAT? Lol)

        • diehardmets 6 years ago

          I’d rather just see the Cubs take Castillo, pay 6 mil of his salary over then next two years, and send a B prospect to the Mets. Honestly I don’t want Lowell, I want Delgado.

  16. NYYANKEES 6 years ago

    Castillo a very expensive backup I guess

    • patsfanatic2010 6 years ago

      LOL. So the RSox will have their own Nick Punto. Minus the defense and 2 million more a year.

      • jdat11 6 years ago

        they would do this for luxury tax purposes, 6 mil a year for 2 years, instead of 12 mil in one.

  17. Aaron4289 6 years ago

    Castillo for backup infielder? Didn’t Sox FO say Lowrie was starting the year in AAA?

  18. Mickeyblue 6 years ago

    This makes absolutely zero sense for Boston especially since they wouldn’t even be clearing any payroll doing it to stay under tax.

    • Super_Hero 6 years ago

      they would clear 6 million for this yr. the other 6 is next yrs payroll problems.

      • D_rake 6 years ago

        It has no effect on trying to stay under the luxury tax.

      • Mickeyblue 6 years ago

        Ok then I guess it does make sense rather than only saving $3mil or less eating $9 or more this year. One thing I never known is if a player is released does that still count against the tax? If the BoSox released Lowell would his $12mil not count against the tax since he isn’t on the roster or does it not matter since they’re still paying him

  19. Count me in as one that thinks this deal makes no sense for Boston…or the Mets.
    Lowell switching his position at 35 would personally scare me. anyone who say’s “Oh, throw him at 1B, anyone can play there” is just clueless.

  20. BigWillySwanga 6 years ago

    Why in the world would the Red Sox eat money? Castillo is by far the less valuable of the two players the only reason I see the Sox taking it is 6 mil AAV taken off the luxury tax payroll

    • baruchk 6 years ago

      as most of you are obviously not aware, luxury tax payroll isnt the same as regular payroll. making this trade should get them under luxury tax minimum, and they dont need lowell anyway, and this is the best you’ll get for lowell

      • BigWillySwanga 6 years ago

        that’s what i was saying, but other than that this is a terrible trade for the sox. if they paid money to the mets along with lowell, it would negate the 6 mil difference in luxury tax hit since it would still count, and end up making it an awful deal.

    • pdoubleu 6 years ago

      Really? Lowell made $12.5MM last year and was worth $5.4MM, while Castillo was worth $7.2MM and was paid $6MM (per fangraphs).

  21. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    Hey Boston fans why does the RedSox’s want to get rid of Lowell?

    • Signing of Beltre
      Lowell’s bad D
      Lowell’s contract amount
      Injury concern at this point

      I could go on and on

  22. soxscout 6 years ago

    This frees up 6M for the Sox with no money exchanged. Why? Lux Tax is based on AAV.

  23. kdumas31 6 years ago

    this would dec 2010 payroll by 6 mil and maybe keep sox under the luxary threshold??

  24. chicothekid 6 years ago

    Love the idea for the Mets, not sure why the Sox would want any part of this, unless they plan on doing what the Mets have been unwilling to do, spinning Cashstealo and eating a good chunk of his contract. The Cubs and Royals have been interested, so maybe the Sox have already worked something out with one of them. They were willing to eat 9M of Lowell’s money, so obviously they aren’t worried about eating Limpy’s money either. IF that’s the plan, it would make sense. I just wish the Mets had the sack to cut their losses and didn’t have to trade their dead weight to another team to do it for them. IF that’s not the case, this makes absolutely no sense at all for the Sox.

  25. diehardmets 6 years ago

    I have mixed feelings about this. If the Mets want to add an old, injured 1B, I’d rather see Delgado. If it’s a two year contract or less (1 with vesting option?), I wouldn’t mind Hudson.

    • Super_Hero 6 years ago

      think of it like this: whats better, Castillo or Lowell and Hudson?

      • diehardmets 6 years ago

        Well that’s questionable. Hudson is very similar to Castillo, with better defense and limited pop. Lowell is often injured, and I’d rather have Delgado.

        • And what would it cost to resign Delgado and is he finally heatlhy again?

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Well the idea of his bing “finally healthy again” is to me a crap shoot – whether he plays winter ball or not. Last year it seemed he had “overcome” his hip ailment (which had started the year before), and he had a great start. Then 26 games later he came out with his hip issue again, and that was it for him for the rest of the season. However, to answer your question, everything I keep hearing has “incentive laden” attached to it.It better.

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Well the idea of his bing “finally healthy again” is to me a crap shoot – whether he plays winter ball or not. Last year it seemed he had “overcome” his hip ailment (which had started the year before), and he had a great start. Then 26 games later he came out with his hip issue again, and that was it for him for the rest of the season. However, to answer your question, everything I keep hearing has “incentive laden” attached to it.It better.

        • Super_Hero 6 years ago

          you also forgot speed. no they are not similar. While Hudson scares me as he gets older, if he is NOT demanding 10mil, ill take a two yr around 7mil. He can come in and change the game with his bat. Castillo is never an impact. even when he gets four singles. Hudson would get way more doubles at CITI. Hudson can be the menace Castillo isn’t.

  26. RahZid 6 years ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Sox flip Castillo somewhere else for prospects. If they end up stuck with him, they could use him as a high average pinch hitter I guess (he hit .302 last year)…

    • What type of prospects could Boston get that the Mets can’t?

      • RahZid 6 years ago

        I have no idea. The Sox are more than likely willing to eat a good chunk of Castillo’s contract though, I don’t know what the Mets feelings were towards eating money. If the Lowell for Castillo trade doesn’t include money, the Sox could easily eat half of the contract for Castillo, saving themselves $3M compared to the Texas deal. Either way the prospect doesn’t really matter for the Sox, if we can drop payroll I’d be thrilled.

        Even if they keep Castillo I’m ok with it. Sure he’s an expensive utility guy, but as has already been stated, he clears up ~6M in salary for luxury tax purposes.

  27. The_Murmaiderer 6 years ago

    lowell is high risk high reward. he’ll bat in a good lineup if he goes to the mets (not saying the bosox lineup isn’t good cuz it’s stacked) and will be productive (if healthy) wherever you put him

  28. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    I can’t see the Sox’s keeping Castillo as a back up I could see them trading him for a bag of balls

    • lefty177 6 years ago

      actually a bucket of balls has a larger capacity for more balls! oh wait, he’s worth less, yeah, bag it is! lol

  29. tonydiamond 6 years ago

    Actually I can see this making sense for the Mets. Worse case is that Lowell contributes on the offense. And if his back is a little better his defense should be reasonable at first. I have zero idea where Castillo fits in at Boston. It looks like the Red Sox are marking time until 2011 and the free agent class. Even with their latest moves the Red Sox still look strong enough to fight for the Division Championship. And next year they will have greater flexibility. But … is that a reason to make this trade???

  30. baruchk 6 years ago

    its all about the luxury tax, castillo is the best value, he could be flipped now, or at the deadline

  31. goldenglove002 6 years ago

    You know, I don’t get the hatred for Luis Castillo. What is so bad about his playing? He doesn’t hit for power and has a sloppy glove, but he knows how to get on base and score runs. Fangraphs actually placed his value at $7.2 last year. I think this would be a decent move by the Red Sox that would give them one of the most versatile infields in baseball, especially if Pedroia were to learn how to play a little SS.

  32. I actually proposed this exact deal to a Red Sox fan a month ago, and was rebuffed with a hearty laugh.

    While I hope it’s true, it better not mean we’re going to sign Orlando Hudson. The guy is the exact same player as Castillo.

    • baruchk 6 years ago

      hudson has better defense, a little more pop, and is cheaper. they get a firstbaseman for 12 mil, but get a better second baseman for about 3 mil less

    • JerseyShoreShawn 6 years ago

      Hudson has two (2) fully functioning knees and actually desires to play in NY. Not the same player, look beyond the numbers.

      • Hudson was the 13th best defensive 2B in the MLB with a -3.7 UZR/150. To say at least, his defense is overrated.

        He is solid offensively, but unless this is a one-year deal, it’s Luis Castillo all over again (as in: declining defense, marginal offense, and aging quickly).

  33. mullen_p 6 years ago

    The Red Sox would do this because their luxury cap number would be 6 million lower, which might keep them under the luxury tax threshold after signing Beltre. This could be a net gain for the Sox if you think of it that way

    1yr Lowell = 12mil
    2yr Luis Castillo = 6mil, 6mil

    Luxury tax is calculated using the average value per year of the contract, not the actual amount of money the guy is making.

  34. johnsilver 6 years ago

    “I can’t see the Sox’s keeping Castillo as a back up I could see them trading him for a bag of balls”

    Maybe the thinking is it’s easier to trade (and eat) 9M or so of a healthy Castillo than 9M of Lowell’s salary and him have to prove in ST his thumb is OK is it. Either way, Castillo is useless, would rather have Lowrie if any intention at all of keeping him. He is a slap hitter who is barely passable with the glove anymore.

  35. JerseyShoreShawn 6 years ago

    Omar sees Reyes-Hudson at the top of the lineup. Remember Mookie & Backman? Lowell will be fine playing first once a week or so against a lefty and to finish up after pinch hitting. Considering I would have taken a signed Bake McBride baseball card for Castillo, this is magic trick by Omar (the most understood GM in the game).

  36. paniac 6 years ago

    I would love this move, just to allow for an upgrade at second base. I think Lowell would be a good presence for the Mets. If he’s healthy, he can hit. If he isn’t, at least Castillo is gone.

  37. Mets should get jermaine Dye,Yea he only hits like .260 but he’s got power for citifield + he does hit 20-25 HRS!!! Met fans tell me what u think?

  38. I still do not understand why the Red Sox are so eager to dump Lowell right now. Who is to say how good/bad his defense (or his hip in general) will be when he hasn’t even recovered yet?

    Wait until Spring Training. His bat is still worth it. I saw Castillo’s dropped ball >> KRod blown save and that is enough for me.

    • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

      Sorry berky, but even if they weren’t as eager to dump, with Beltre now it doesn’t matter. He’s outta there. =

  39. Guest 6 years ago

    it would just clear the way for Orlando Hudson. Simple as that. The Sox would possibly trade Castillo.

  40. BoSoxSam 6 years ago

    This is kind of interesting. Obviously Castillo would have basically no place on the team…would just sit around on the bench, if he doesn’t get re-traded. I think the only reason this would happen is: the Red Sox cut 6m off of Lowell’s salary instead of three. Plus, if they CAN re-trade Castillo, possibly paying his way for part of it, they could clear maybe 8-9m off of Lowell’s contract. Would suck to have a couple million added to next year, but hey. If they decide to get serious next year with a FA (Cliff Lee, I hope they retain Beckett/VMart, maybe Mauer if he doesn’t get an extension), they’ll probably be over the luxury tax anyway, and Castillo’s contract wouldn’t matter as much.

  41. GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

    This would free up Pedroia to go to SD as part of a package for AGonz.

    • ArmchairGM 6 years ago

      Pedroia is not a cheap prospect like the Padres are after, I doubt they would want him to start, or that the Red Sox would give him up. Castillo would be a backup doubling as a tax writeoff.

    • Wolfbane 6 years ago

      The Red Sox would not trade Pedroia

    • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

      I’m just going to assume that was a joke ­čśŤ

      • GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

        Pedroia is cheaper than AGonz by $1 mil over the next 2 years (which is when AGonz contract expires) then provides greater cost certainty for SD for the subsequent 3 years as he’s already signed, he’s an ‘up the middle’ player for SD to build around for years to come, and allows Boston to hold onto more if not all of the prospects whose names have been bandied about in rumored trades to SD. If the Red Sox truly want AGonz they’re going to have to give up something, and they’ve shown a reluctance to give up the rumored prospects. This is another way for them to get him if they truly want him, a way which doesn’t negatively impact the luxury tax everyone in this thread deems paramount. Pedroia is obviously a known quantity to Hoyer,

        • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

          That still doesn’t explain why they would want Castillo. I can see your reasoning (although they are going to want someone who will be under club control for longer and cheaper than 2 years), but the Red Sox would NEVER be cool with having Castillo take his place. That doesn’t make any sense; if that was the plan they would be angling to get Orlando Hudson or some other second baseman.

          • GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

            I don’t know the Sox prospects well, but if they have anyone on hand able to step in soon to play 2B (Lowrie?) they can trade Castillo anywhere for prospects, eating much of his salary with no luxury tax implications if they don’t want to actually play Castillo (and I couldn’t blame them for that). But they need the Castillo/Lowell angle first for tax considerations.

          • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

            Sorry, I see where you’re going but it doesn’t work for the Red Sox in the end. I can’t think of a single prospect for the Sox that would take Pedroia’s place…obviously there ARE players playing 2nd base in the system, but none of them good enough to be mentioned. They DO have a TON of outfield prospects (Westmoreland, Fuentes, Kalish, Reddick) who could help take Ellsbury’s place if he left, which is why that makes more sense. It would make much more sense for the Red Sox to bite the bullet and trade some prospects for AGon then to try to figure something out with a VERY established second baseman for whom they don’t have a good replacement.

          • GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

            What you say makes a ton of sense and it seems obvious that you know the Sox both at the major and minor league levels better than I do. I just found the idea of this Castillo/Lowell trade being strictly for luxury tax considerations rather boring and was trying to find a semi-realistic way to make it more exciting. At the end of the day, the boring tax related trade is the more likely permutation, as much as it pains me to admit it. Thanks for treating me as an adult along the way despite my crying baby picture and outlandish idea.

          • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

            Haha, no problem. :) I understand wanting to see this as something more interesting, but it indeed looks to be only about the money. Ah well. The only exciting thing I can see is if they can turn Castillo around again, for some mediocre prospect, maybe something fantastical will happen, that prospect will play well and we can use him in a deal for AGon! ­čśŤ

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      How would that make sense? Pedroia is like an engine that just keeps on going for the Sox. What team gives that up – even for a talented all-around masher like Adrian Gonz├ílez? Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      How would that make sense? Pedroia is like an engine that just keeps on going for the Sox. What team gives that up – even for a talented all-around masher like Adrian Gonz├ílez? Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

    • The Red Sox are going to trade arguably there best young player for 2 years of AGon. One of those two players has an MVP the either does not.

    • The Red Sox are going to trade arguably there best young player for 2 years of AGon. One of those two players has an MVP the either does not.

  42. moses0507 6 years ago

    Do it now Omar, PLEASE! Lowell is a very good hitter when healthy, and he can platoon with Murphy at first to keep him healthy. His veteran leadership will come great for this team, and he’s friends with Jason Bay.

    The Red Sox were going to eat $9 million of Lowell’s contract anyways, now they can trade Luis Castillo (who has more value) and eat less money. There will be takers for a second basemen who is only making $3 million for two years.

  43. jmoff 6 years ago

    Why does Boston do this? It’s been said. Boston trades $12m of dead money in ’10 for $6m of dead money in ’10 & ’11. They don’t like paying the luxary tax, so the AAV is $6m less with Castillo than the $12m for Lowell.

    They were willing to pay $9m to Texas to unload Lowell for an unproven, poor defensive back-up catcher.

    Now they pay $9m to get Beltre and if they can swap Castillo & Lowell, it’s like trading that poor defensive catcher for $6m for two years to get Adrian Beltre and zip (Castillo being zip). If you spin Castillo eating $3m for each of two years for some prospects, you’ve now solved your money and 3B/1B issue and stayed under the cap. Not a bad deal…

    Lowell can’t play and that is the key…

  44. GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

    I’m in no position to contradict you, I can only say Castillo would be a horrible backup incapable of playing anywhere but 2B, and there rather poorly.

  45. SantanaClaus 6 years ago

    Castillo could be a backup MI because there was talk of moving Pedroia to SS so now if Something were to happen to Scutaro they just move Pedroia to SS and put in Castillo at 2B or even if Beltre gets hurt Scutaro goes to 3B, Pedroia goes to SS, and Castillo comes in at 2B

    • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

      honestly, as I look at this more, I think Castillo won’t be with the Red Sox come Opening day.

  46. Castillo ends up being an expensive bench player, further proof that Omar doesn’t have a firm grasp on being a GM. Lowell won’t hit well in Citi but he’s better than Murphy. Mets need to get Hudson for this trade to make sense.

  47. MichiganMan2424 6 years ago

    It makes sense for the Sox to get rid of Lowell with the signing of Beltre, but I don’t get why they would want Castillio. He would be a good 3rd option at either 2nd or SS but at 6 mil a year for 2 years, they could find a cheaper option who is almost as good to be a 3rd INF.

    • jmoff 6 years ago

      It’s a simple math equation for the Red Sox. $12m this year = 22% to the luxary tax or another $2m you simply donate to poor market teams so they can pay draft picks more money.

      If you spread the $12m over two years, it’s $6m in each of the next two years = 0% to the luxary tax. They also have Lugo (I think $8m) and others rolling off the books next year so pushing the $6m of ‘dead money’ to next year helps them position in the future.

      As I said in my previous post, now the Sox can eat half the $6m over the next two years (or $3m/yr) and suddenly they’ve ‘traded’ Lowell ($12m) for Beltre ($9m) straight up, after they eat Castillo’s $3m. They also get a few prospects for Castillo, not that it would amount to much.

      Lowell can DH/PH/1B/3B for the Mets and provide a big stick against LHP and a decent bat against RHP. You don’t want him playing defense often or hitting with one out and a runner at first (6-4-3), but he can help offensively.

      I don’t know the Mets financial situation, but maybe eating $12m this year helps them with AAV next. If so, this is a win/win…

      • MichiganMan2424 6 years ago

        I get the salary dump by the Sox, I just don’t get the choice in Castillio. If they wanted to save money Castillio is not the guy. They have Lowrie as a backup INF, and although Castillio is better, money wise he’s not worth it. As for Lowell to the Mets, he gives them another force in the lineup and he can platoon with Wright and Delgado if they resign him. My only question is the Sox getting Castillio. This would allow the Mets to go after Hudson, but it makes no sense for the Sox. They should just settle for cheap, mid-level prospects that they can stick in their farm system, save the money, and play Beltre.

        • jmoff 6 years ago

          I agree that he isn’t a fit for the Sox at all. The only fit is the $’s and the timing. If the Sox really believe Lowell is worth nothing at all and the only motivation is to avoid the luxary tax, then it makes sense.
          I think they’d simply spin Castillo, eating most of his salary for propects.
          They wouldn’t be┬átrading for him, they’re trading for his slightly more appealing AAV.
          Lowell is a stand-up guy with something to offer the right team. I just don’t think he fits in Boston with Ortiz as the DH.

  48. metsman 6 years ago

    wow, this is the last time I’m going to comment on this, much to the happiness of all the haters on here who have the dropped pop replaying in minds since it happend. CASTILLO SHOULD NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE. He is a good fit on this team, a real fire starter who gets things started. This year could very easily be the gem that will make his whole contract worth while, no reason to toss a savy verteran who has become part of the core of this team aside for someone with slightly lower numbers in every catagory except homeruns of which Hudson only had six more of, wupty-freakin-doo! is that all anyone cares about anymore? first base and pitching, everything else should stay as is.

  49. nycstateofmind 6 years ago

    well in my opinion Lowell still has trade value and could be flipped to maybe the Rangers later on. For now the Sox biggest priority is to sign Beltre. Makes sense for both teams since they wanna sign starters to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Both could then afford to flip those players without a sense of urgency.

  50. bomberj11 6 years ago

    Well if this trade goes through, I would expect Castillo and Lowrie to fight for the utility role, even though I’ve heard Castillo plays strictly second base.

  51. MichiganMan2424 6 years ago

    I get the move for the Sox in dumping Lowell’ salary and the Mets wanting Lowell, he provides good value at first and spelling Wright at 3rd, but I don’t get why the Sox want Castillio. He’d be a good 2nd option at SS or 2nd, but at 6 mil a year for 2 years, the Sox could find a cheaper player in the free agent market who could provide the same value as Castillio as a 2nd option.

  52. johnsilver 6 years ago

    “This would free up Pedroia to go to SD as part of a package for AGonz.”

    I cannot picture any kind of scenario inwhich Dustin Pedroia goes anywhere. A 26YO 2nd baseman, signed to a 6/40M contract, plays the game like no tomorrow and is in a park built for him, not to mention a GG defender. No way the guy goes anywhere, unless a Chase Utley comes back and that ain’t gonna happen. It’s like Jon Lester being moved.. Is not going to happen….

  53. John Gyna 6 years ago

    Seriously, what’s so bad about Castillo other than his contract. He’s a career 300 hitter, had a bad year 2 years ago and bounced back in ’09. I like Hudson a lot too, but does anyone really think he’s going to make the Mets that much better?

    As awesome as Cliff Lee was for the Phils, how many more games are they gonna win by adding Halladay and subracting Lee.

    I’m not comparing the impact of the pitchers vs 2B but, Hudson is not that much more of an upgrade from Castillo. Ok he’s got more pop and is 2 years younger, but also strikes out a hell of a lot more and steals less bases. For a #2 hitter you want someone that can put the bat on the ball.

    I don’t want Lowell on the Mets either. Talk about taking the Red Sox crap.

    • Wolfbane 6 years ago

      Castillo is ATROCIOUS defensively, and he’ll only get worse.

  54. melonis_rex 6 years ago

    Castillo to Hudson is a linear improvement at best. Better signing someone like Adam Kennedy to a very cheap 1 year deal to back up Castillo and rolling at 2B.

    And the Mets have David Wright, and Lowell playing 1B when a guy like Adam LaRoche or Russell Branyan or Delgado is on the market and all are much better 1B than Lowell.

    • MeTsOwNyOu 6 years ago

      I disagree. Their defense may be similar, but Hudson is a better offensive player. It would be nice to see a 2nd baseman hit a ball out of the infield..

    • Super_Hero 6 years ago

      I understand your argument but Hudson has way more impact with his bat. Everyone talks about the decline in HRs but can you image the doubles he will hit at Citi. With a healty Reyes, I’ll take Hudson over Castillo anyday. wts, Hudson only works with upgrading the pitching.

  55. melonis_rex 6 years ago

    Although it makes a ton of sense for the Red Sox, as it gets them back under the luxury tax threshold for 2010, as they would be paying Castillo 6MM in 2010 and 6MM in 2011 as opposed to 12MM to Lowell in 2010.

  56. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    As a move for the purpose of going under the luxury tax, this is understandable.

    But the Red Sox basically get much worse by doing this, as Lowell is a much better bat than Castillo, and they had a position (DH) for him to get a reasonable amount of ABs at.

    I suppose the Sox care more about not paying a few extra bucks (that they have in bulk of, btw) than they do about maximizing their ability to win.

  57. This makes ZERO sense for either team.

    • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

      Wrong. it makes sense for the Red Sox. Dunno about the Mets though….

      • Well I meant lineup wise. But I know it would help the Sox financially. Castillo would be riding the bench.

        • BoSoxSam 6 years ago

          Ah true. said “zero” sense, which would mean there was no reason for the Sox to make this trade? ­čśë Heh, just kidding around. Yes, it would make no sense lineup wise, that’s right. But if they can make a turnaround trade with Castillo for someone who DOES make sense, then it works.

  58. I am smelling a 3 way trade. Mets, Red Sox, Cubs

    • Zambrano would be a nice way to wrap things up as far as I am concerned.

      • Philip Marlowe 6 years ago

        Cubs get Buchholz and Castillo, Mets get Lowell, Red Sox get Zambrano? Possible, but then again, that doesn’t keep the BoSox under the luxury tax threshold, which defeats the whole purpose. I doubt it’ll be Zambrano.

        If the Castillo-Lowell trade happens, what would the Red Sox ask in return for sending Castillo to the Cubs?

        • metsarebeast 6 years ago

          I hope Omar not that stupid to get only Lowell in that deal

      • Philip Marlowe 6 years ago

        Cubs get Buchholz and Castillo, Mets get Lowell, Red Sox get Zambrano? Possible, but then again, that doesn’t keep the BoSox under the luxury tax threshold, which defeats the whole purpose. I doubt it’ll be Zambrano.

        If the Castillo-Lowell trade happens, what would the Red Sox ask in return for sending Castillo to the Cubs?

  59. I can’t see the point of this from the Mets’ side.

    • mcjersey 6 years ago

      I would much rather see the Mets package Castillo and Murphy and ship them to Seattle for Jose Lopez and plug him in at First…then sign Hudson to play Second.

  60. redsox4434 6 years ago

    as a Red Sox fan, freaking hate this deal. I’d rather have Lowell than Castillo, despite their salaries.

  61. Why not trade Lowell for a reliver to help beef up the bullpen instead of trying to get a guy like Castillo who would just ride the pine?

  62. Why not trade Lowell for a reliver to help beef up the bullpen instead of trying to get a guy like Castillo who would just ride the pine?

  63. metsarebeast 6 years ago

    As a Mets fan think of it this way. If the Red Sox do this move they can have a pinch runner or a back up 2nd baseman and get rid of him next year. Or just have a better GM as in Theo Epstein get rid of him. Yeah Lowell sucks but if you ignore that much you can have him come off the bench and maybe suprise us all like Gary Sheffelid did. You never now. This would save up room considering the Red SOx will eat up some money to sign Hudson and Pinero. If Pinero asks for anything more than 8 mill its a waste. SIgn Sheets for a low price with a bunch of incentives. And finnally get Molina having a team looking like: (if everyone is health)



    This at least is a wild card winning team

  64. Slugger23 6 years ago

    Why are ya’ll talking about Hudson and Molina when the Mets need pitching????

  65. 1) Trade Luis castillo to Boston for Mike Lowell.

    2) Sign Orlando Hudson 2yr 15.5mill

    3) Sign Joel Piniero 3ry 25mill

    4) Trade 1b/of Chris Carter to the Reds for RHP A.Harang & Cash considerations(Mets get 8mill of 12.5 owed in 2010).

    5) Sign RHP J.Valverde 1yr 4.0 mill 2 setup K-Rod

    Lineup: vs RHP

    1) Reyes-ss
    2) Hudson-2b
    3) Beltran-CF
    4) Bay-LF
    5) Wright-3b
    6) Franceour-RF
    7) D.Murphy-1b
    8) Santos-C


    1b/3b- Mike Lowell
    IF- Alex Cora
    C- Henry Blanco
    OF- A.Pagan

    * Vs LHP, Lowell plays 1b & Murphy sits.


    LHP J.Santana
    RHP J.Piniero
    RHP A.Harang
    RHP M.Pelfrey
    LHP O.Perez


    RHP K-Rod(Closer)
    RHP J.Valverde(Setup)
    RHP K.Escobar
    RHP Newly acquired asian guy
    LHP P.Feliciano
    RHP S.Green
    RHP J.Maine

    • Slugger23 6 years ago

      Since when did the Mets become the Yankees ??

    • Slugger23 6 years ago

      Since when did the Mets become the Yankees ??

    • metsarebeast 6 years ago

      they already plan on having escobar set up and santos sucks and perez should be in the bullpen and neise isnt there

    • metsarebeast 6 years ago

      they already plan on having escobar set up and santos sucks and perez should be in the bullpen and neise isnt there

  66. slr5607 6 years ago

    i think this is one of those rumors that are just made up by a writer. This makes no sense for Boston at all. I guess the only sense that it makes is that it gives them an extra 6 million to work with this year, but they dont need a lot of salary relief right now, they need the salary relief next season to try to help retain one of their free agents.

    I would much rather have Lowell as my part time DH and my 3B/1B back-up than Castillo.

    I think since the Red Sox were willing to pay so much of that contract to move Lowell to Texas, Lowell may be a good fit with San Francisco. I know Lowell would need a DH spot to be an everydayu player, but if the BoSox paid 9 million of his salary, the Giants could afford for him to be a part time player. He could be in a platoon at 1B/3B with Travis Ishikawa. Lowell’s defense is not horrible, if he is healthy. And what team in baseball could use a bat like Lowell’s more than the Giants?

    The Giants could offer a Bullpen arm and a young Outfielder to get the deal done. Maybe it could be a Hermida and Lowell package for something a little sweeter if the Giants can’t find another bat via Free Agency.

  67. yankeesblow 6 years ago

    finally get some room to sign odawg

  68. if the mets go thru with this trade,Why wouldn’t they start Lowell?, and keep murphy on the bench where he belongs.

  69. matthew8510 6 years ago

    has hendry given up on castillo?

  70. Spirit of '69 6 years ago

    I’d love to move Castillo, and I get how this could — in some ways — benefit both teams, but it also seems a bit of a stretch for both teams. Wishful thinking, admittedly, but can’t help but think there’s a deal between Mets and Cubs including Castillo and others for Zambrano.

  71. Spirit of '69 6 years ago

    I’ve seen enough Cubs fans saying they’d be willing to part with Zambrano, clear his salary, and get something for him. Hendry has never issued a Shermanesque statement that Z is not being traded.

    Can’t help but think there’s a deal here somewhere between Mets and Cubs that involves Castillo and others for Zambrano and his contract.

  72. Spirit of '69 6 years ago

    Enough Cubs fans have posted comments about how they’d be willing to part with Zambrano and his contract if they’d get a decent return, knowing the other team would be taking on his salary. Have to believe there’s a deal here involving Castillo and pitching for Zambrano and his contract.

  73. matthew8510 6 years ago

    how about a mets cubs whitesox trade z to whitsox castillo and maybe pitcher to cubs and sox send garcia to mets just a thought z said he would waive his no trade clause to go to sox

  74. This is actually a great move now that I think about it. The Mets could use Lowell’s pop, and from what I’ve heard he can play 1B, and Boston could use a utility infielder like Castillo who still has some life left. It puts Boston under the luxury tax cap, and it gives the Mets another bat in the lineup that can hit in the NL East. If anything, this deal makes too much sense for both teams.

  75. mikechance 6 years ago

    How about Lowell to San Francisco for Renteria? The Giants could use a third baseman.

  76. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    Until a trade happens, I reserve my judgment. As of right now, yes, the Red Sox are much worse off. Lowell is the superior hitter. Like I said, he is a serviceable DH, unlike Castillo, who’s current state of affairs is probably epitomized by his dropped ball vs. the Yankees.

  77. badscience 6 years ago

    My understanding of the logic of the deal is that it would be a straight up contract swap: Lowell for 1 year @$12M/yr for Castillo for 2 years @$6M/yr. The net effect is that the Sox would only be charged $6M in 2010 against the luxury tax ceiling which would presumably keep them under the limit.I’m a big fan of Lowell and would love to have his big, right handed bat on the bench as a PH and platoon DH with Ortiz. He could also back up 3B, obviously. The problem is that Mikey doesn’t want to be a bench player. He was really unhappy last year with the 1B-3B-DH platoon.

    Also, don’t under estimate the effect of the lux tax… it would make him even more expensive as a result – 30% of every thing exceeding the team limit of $170M in total. E.g. if the Sox ended up being at $176M with Lowell, they would pay a $1.8M tax, plus they would be subject to a 40% tax for anything over the $178M limit in 2011. In this scenario, Lowell would end up costing $13.8M and put the Sox into the highest bracket for 2011. If they don’t exceed the limit in 2010, I believe the 2011 rate would drop to 22.5%) Bottom line, it may be too expensive to retain him, even if he was willing to take on a bench role.

  78. BoSoxSam 6 years ago

    IF this trade does happen, it will have nothing to do about the quality of the players (for Boston). The Red Sox are simply looking to unload Lowell, who finally really has no place there, while in turn saving as much money as possible, hopefully to get under the luxury tax. I’m guessing they would want to save 9m (which would even them out after the Beltre deal). If they make this trade, that’s already 6m saved. Then if they can deal Castillo out again while eating 3m, there’s the rest! Tax avoided, Lowell moved, useless Castillo moved as well! Then they can spend the last million or two they have available to bolster their bullpen.

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