Players Avoiding Arbitration: Thursday

Here's a list of players avoiding arbitration hearings…

  • The Cubs reached an agreement with closer Carlos Marmol, according to a team press release.'s Carrie Muskat tweets that they settled at the midpoint, $2.125MM.  Ryan Theriot ($800K gap) represents the Cubs' lone remaining arbitration case.  Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald wrote yesterday that he feels the Cubs are headed toward their first hearing since '93, given a difference of opinion with their shortstop.

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5 years 6 months ago

Wow. I know Theriot came up as an older rookie, but did not know he recently turned 30.

5 years 6 months ago

I don’t see an arbitration case happening. As the summary pointed out, the Cubs almost never go to arbitration and $800k (probably realistically $400k because teams tend to settle at the middle, as evidenced by Marmol) is such a small sum to go to arbitration and go through all that bitterness for. It’s also probably not the way the new owners want to start their first season at the helm, going to the team’s first arbitration case in 17 years for $400k.

5 years 6 months ago

Is there even a remote chance Theriot plays 2nd base this year and Hendry makes a deal for a shortstop.
The Orlando Hudson to the Cubs dream is officially dead. Lopez looks like he’ll sign with the Cards, and it looks like Hendry’s checkbook has been put away.
Is there any, and I mean any other options than a 2nd base platoon of Fontenot/Baker.
Those guys are adequate role players, but for sure not everyday, productive players.
C’mon Hendry. Let’s part with a prospect or two and get something done. The N.L. Central is still very winnable with one more decent move.