Sidney Ponson Signs With Long Island Ducks

Righthander Sidney Ponson has signed with the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League according to Mike Ashmore of The Hunterdon County Democrat (via Twitter).

The 33-year-old Ponson appeared in 14 games (9 starts) for the Royals last season, posting a 7.36 ERA and a 1.28 K/BB ratio in 58.2 innings. He became a free agent in August after Kansas City designated him for assignment, and this is the first time we've heard his name since. 

Ponson hasn't been an effective big leaguer since 2003, when he tossed up a 3.75 ERA for the Orioles and Giants. Baltimore signed him to three year, $22.5MM contract after that season, and all they got in return was a 5.64 ERA in 346 innings and numerous off-the-field headaches. 

Lew Ford, Preston Wilson, Carl Everett, Danny Graves, and Bill Pulsipher are among the former big leaguers to have donned a Ducks' uniform.

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  1. JerseyJohn32190 5 years ago

    They’re still no match for the Newark Bears.

  2. InTheKZone 5 years ago

    You mean to tell me that no major league team would give this guy a contract? Preposterous!

    *end sarcasm*

    • mattinglyfan 5 years ago

      It seems every year either Ponson, Kip Wells, Bruce Chen, or Brett Tomko get a major league contract for doing absolutely nothing.

      • InTheKZone 5 years ago

        I wouldn’t say they do nothing. They do throw. However, it’d be better for their respective teams if they weren’t throwing.

  3. jhawk90 5 years ago

    Sidney Ponson Slams Several Long Islands, Chucks


  4. Guest 5 years ago

    For a while, I really thought that Long Island was the clear cut favorites to win that division. Now it’s for certain.

  5. Triteon 5 years ago

    This entry triples the number of Bill Pulsipher references on the site.

  6. marichal27 5 years ago

    sir sid. your’re the best, the best

  7. alphakira 5 years ago

    You forgot about my favorite Met/LI Duck, Edgardo Alfonzo! Surely he’s more noteworthy than the rest of those guys (hell, even that jackass John Rocker is).

  8. adamgollam 5 years ago

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